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Francine: I think there's a flaw in your argument. First, people don't just automagically flock to this or that platform. There's something there that catches their attention. I think for Twitter, it was the sparseness and almost ridiculous simplicity that attracted so many people. Also, the permission to talk about the trivia of one's life without having to justify it in several paragraphs (blog) or bother one person in particular (email or other directed messages). Second, I disagree that most people don't mind the UI for microblogging. I hear from a lot of people that they mind it a lot. The typical answer is a lot of extra doodads and gizmos that undercut the interface's simplicity. I think it'll take a sharp, sharp scalpel to get this balance right. My feeling is that there's a lot left to do, and skilled UI designers are in short supply. So: looking forward to seeing you at BearHug.
Toggle Commented Aug 19, 2008 on Prelude to BearHug Camp at Francine Hardaway's Blog
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Hi, Ross! Glad you caught the news about Wikitravel and World66. Both Wikitravel and World66 are CC-licensed, so we think that making the two sites work together is going to be that much easier. I'd say that the community has an *immense* say in what happens with Wikitravel and World66. We plan to continue having commmunity consensus be the main decision-making mechanism for the sites -- even into spaces (like advertising) that most wiki ventures don't go. It's been a winning recipe so far, and it seems to be what's pushing the sites closer to their goals. I think that communities supported by a commercial platform are a really good model for wiki interaction. If we can present fair and transparent value to our community, I think we can keep their support. Thanks again.
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