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Paulo Bizarro, I can't remember the last time I went into a camera shop and didn't see a Panasonic camera. Where do you shop?
Very true. Also the OM-D appears to have a vestigial rewind crank. I don't think that does it any favors. For me, the appeal of retro cameras is in the visual texture of brushed metal against leather. I don't care about the knobs. (Apologies if this appears twice. My first attempt disappeared)
I'm in the UK driving a Nissan Note, which apparently is marketed in the US as a Nissan Versa Note. Big mistake. I think it's much prettier than the Versa. I'm consistently getting 45 miles per US gallon on the highway, and it's quieter and smoother than my last car, a Honda Jazz (= Fit).
I've spent enough time around Loch Ness with long lenses (in the old days with Kodachrome and/or Tri-X) to have an emotional attachment to the idea that there just might be something there. As Tim points out there can't be a breeding population of large animals, though seals do enter from the Moray Firth from time to time . The theory that makes sense to me is that occasionally one of the eels that live in the Loch can live much longer and grow much larger than usual.
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"Not to mention what happens to my "virtual library" if the computer (or the Kindle for that matter) breaks down and I hadn't done any backups." That's why I back up my computer and have two readers (actually Sony Readers, not Kindles). I find the readers more comfortable to hold than some books, and just as pleasant to read.
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Nov 20, 2012