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John Evans
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I think the definition of "synchrony" most often used is the one you would call "contemporal/atemporal". That's the accepted definition, and it's the one people consider most important. It's most important because it makes a huge difference when programming the games. If you try to make a synchronous ("contemporal") game, you have to synchronize the player sessions; that usually means complicated network code that is prone to failure (lag, etc.). (Or you can do, for example, split-screen, but that's less common nowadays.) Asynchronous ("atemporal") play is much easier to program; it's about as difficult as sending an email. Now, it's possible that these problems have been solved so many times already that we're no longer worried about them; we might be able to choose our terminology based on something other than how difficult it is to program a particular feature. But you'll probably still face resistance if you try to change the terminology. ;)
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Aug 6, 2011