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I've been saying for year... I'm not a basketball fan AT ALL but I believe that Charles Barkley should be on television 24 hours a day.
My morals are just fine. His weren't...he's dead now and that means the world is a better place.
Another scumbag off the planet. Amen. didn't answer. Who's this Dawkins guy?
Give credit where credit is due. Fleury stole the game in the 3rd period. if it wasn't for him we'd be talking about round 2. Is it time to panic? Not yet. Wait until the end of game 6 to either panic or celebrate.
As usual... I give absolutely no fucks about football.
Toggle Commented Apr 18, 2012 on Eagles Release 2012 Schedule at Crossing Broad
Any version of that song is a travesty. Every time it's played a baby dies.
Both are terrible.
I watched this a few hours ago. Truly excellent.
The little downs syndrome kid next to Simmonds
These are definitely the best ones yet. I love the drawstrings. As for the keystone... I don't mind it, but I agree with Steve that it clutters the upper portion of the jersey.
"Sorry, just had to get in a shot at KK today." Really, who hasn't had a shot at KK?
Okay, so who the hell is Sean Kingston?
Corneal abrasions are the worst. I had multiple in my left eye about two years ago. There was nearly constant stinging when I was relaxing, let alone if a slight breeze made its way into my eye.
Toggle Commented Oct 25, 2011 on Why Chris Pronger Needs Bed Rest at Crossing Broad
Steve Jeltz, what does being old have to do with taking a stick to the eye?
We've had a Winter Classic party every year, so we decided immediately that we weren't going. We did get two tickets for the Phantoms game for $103 though, just for experience of going to a hockey game at CBP.
Same family, different story...
Shut it Dwayne.
The good news is that his contract is up after next season. The bad news is that his contract isn't up until after next season.
Tickets to a movie that I have zero interest in = crap.
I was going to make a guess, but the prize is crap.
...and his (mind-boggling) no-trade clause.
Why you heff to be mad?
You're ridiculous Matt. Bro Hymn was the ONLY good song they were playing at The Well. Now it's all crap. P.S. Doop is beyond gay.
I'm beyond happy that Gary Glitter is a pervert because I haven't had to hear that fucking song in years.