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Being familiar with Northern Virginia, I can tell you it's gotten more islamic in the past 2 decades. One can see more head coverings and the number of girls in high school yearbooks with headcoverings increases every year. As for the guy attending George Mason University, recall the "takeover"of a campus meditation room by moslems and the pushback by a campus publication.
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I am hoping to attend your event next week and am looking forward to hearing the speakers. I will send in a contribution as well.
I would love to see him go after the diversity visas that are being issued to people from the same nations that are problematic.
My husband knows a bunch of Wall Street types, investment bankers and hi tech people and he was dumbfounded that so many could/would vote for obama and I would guess they maxed out their monetary contributions as well as giving a ton to the DNC. I hate to say it serves them right serves them right. Who did they imagine obama to be? I guess that's the problem, what they thought obama was/is, is IMAGINARY. Many of us were able to see the truth (I'm convinced much of our clarity was God-given) but, frankly, it only took a little bit of research to see that obama was a leftist extraordinaire. Too many "smart" people got caught up in obama's rhetoric. It isn't unusual for these bankers, etc., to do large amounts of due diligence for their deals but shame on them for doing none on the guy who wanted to be president. And yet, it still hasn't sunk in; this person still imagines obama to be different from reid and pelosi! Doesn't this person realize that they are all cut from the same marxist cloth?
I concur as well. They need to use whatever the Malaysian word for not-God because God is certainly not allah.
Thanks Isabella for Nabeel's name. For those interested, his website is and he quite a bit of info on being harassed at the Arabfest.
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I'm sending this out to all my email contacts including those I know who are staunch Democrats and Liberals. I hope others will join me in this going viral.
still not stilled
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What a great turnout! If I stilled lived in Western PA, I would have been there. I also recognize the younger guy with the goatee in the the black overcoat in the photo with the tv camera right above the article but I can't remember his name. I know he is a minister/pastor and think he may with one of the groups that was hassled in Michigan earlier this year at the Arab festival.
Toggle Commented Nov 17, 2009 on HUNDREDS RALLY FOR RIFQA'S FREEDOM! at Atlas Shrugs
In prior post it should be "that no one was killed" Also, there have been many cases of problems with the imams who were trained by a man with suspect ties to jihadist organizations and Arabic linguists who weren't accurately translating documents who've come under suspician. Don't forget that non-muslim Arab speakers have alleged discrimination by those hiring the linguists and who can forget Hashem Islam who was in a policy making position in the Pentagon putting the kibosh on Major Coughlin after the publication of his thesis/book, "To Our Great Detriment" that can be found at:
Although by the grace of God and no one was killed, a couple years ago 2 college students/young men were nearly run over by a moslem taxi driver in TN or KY after getting out of his cab. I'll see if I can find the link.
On they have been discussing the WFP and how the NY GOP has endorsed a WFP candidate for the NY-23 Congressional district. If anyone is in the area, support the Conservative Party candidate, Doug Hoffman.
Palin/Bachman 2012 is my hope
Maybe he needs to see and listen to Chris Rock's video on how not to get your butt kicked by the police (sorry about the language)
IIRC, the IIIT was among those entities in Herndon, VA that the FBI raided in 2001. You can do an internet search on Grove Street, Herndon, VA, and FBI raid. Herndon, VA is apparently some hot bed of islam. A Herndon resident took a satellite phone battery to osama bin laden in the 1990s, possibly in Afghanistan.
Also, the lottery winners are then permitted to bring in family members even though the somalis already here were bringing in so-called family members that DNA evidence has shown aren't related.
Those numbers are unbelievable! That's like importing whole small cities of islamists!
For years, my sister has been saying how dumb many women are when it comes to issues, voting, etc. She has said she'd give up her right to vote if all the dumb women were no longer allowed to vote. ;-)
I have to disagree on the point about the Iranians having no animus toward Israel. I have a friend who is iranian who has been here in the US from the time of the iranian revolution or shortly thereafter, college educated, very well-respected, etc. During the last period of unrest in Iran a couple of years ago, while over coffee I had inquired how my friend's family in Iran was faring. With a complete earnestness, my friend proceeded to tell me the unrest and a lot of what was wrong with the world was due to the "Jews". If someone like my friend harbors such feelings after living here in the US for so many years, I don't have much hope for those who've been in Iran.
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I imagine a meeting with the police went something like: Well, although we certainly agree with their 1st Amendment rights, we can't guarantee someone in the crowd won't take offense at the proselytizing and can't guarantee their
I tried to post this at the story at the Jihadwatch site: Funny how for numerous years, decades even, we've been told that "America is in no way a Christian nation" but now we are one of the largest moslem nations??? He is dangerous.
Where is the outrage about this? Why aren't these actions by the obama administration being discussed by our elected officials? I would like to see Michael Steele speak about this and how it appears that Republican donors appeared to have been targeted. Profitability doesn't seem to have been part of the decision-making process. Why eliminate some of the most profitable dealerships in the country. This is why the companies should have gone into bankruptcy.
rats! I just realized this was from last summer.
Road trip! It so happens that I will be in Western PA the last week of July. Hopefully, I will be there a bring a crowd along.