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I only read about half the posts above and don't have time to read them all right now but I want to say that I believe this was a set up from day one. And De Nero was the star of this plot. I've covered too many stories like this with Pharmaceutical industry involvement to not know a pattern when I see on. But that said, this time I'll admit that it might backfire due to the publicity the story is getting. I surely hope so.
Toggle Commented Mar 30, 2016 on An Open Letter to Bob De Niro! at AGE OF AUTISM
I don't have the time to read all the posts so maybe I'll be asking a question that somebody answered already. If so - sorry about that. Can I sign the petition even though I'm from Wisconsin?
I too was very happy Trump spoke the truth in that debate. I never watch debates for either of the corporation-funded corrupt parties. However, the TV was on and I overhead the vaccine debate and it caught my attention. In reading your posts, I understand why some of you say you are a one issue person. Believe me, I have fought to make the vaccine-autism link public since 2003, once I knew the MSM was lying. I knew nothing about autism aside from watching Rainman so I found it hard to believe at first. The Autism-Moms that contacted me told me what I considered to be some pretty bizarre stories. But I worked a full-time job in the day and figured it would be very time-consuming and difficult to research a topic I knew nothing about. But after thinking about these stories for a few weeks and considering the grave harm they said was happening, I realized I had to do the research and expose it, if true. With leads from the Autism-Moms that steered me to the right places - the CDC, special ed classes in every state, the cost to education budgets, and the cost to families of caring for autistic children - it didn't take me long to realize that the CDC stating there was no epidemic - just better diagnosis - was a complete lie. I went on sort of a rampage for a while, researching every minute I could and reporting a fair amount of articles to try and warn parents and the public. I had no personal friends or family members with autism, which meant I had to give a lot of convincing verbal arguments as well. I am not a one issue person. I cover so many different wrong-doings by our government and regulatory agencies that to tell you the truth, at this moment, I can hardly keep up with all the corruption on the various issues right now. I am behind you people and your children 1000% and always will be. I am currently focusing most of my efforts to expose the US-lead wars that have created a Holocaust that is destroying so many more children's lives all over the globe. I'm back to researching the war profiteering schemes, which is what I started writing about in the internet newspapers when Bush attacked Iraq based on lies. I now work on the war profiteering schemes constantly, and for the most part, in effort to expose what our government is doing to people who are limited to the MSM, and to stop the US from continuing to destroy these children's lives. Hopefully, those of you who know me will trust my research when I say the US is causing genocide in Libya, Syria, and Yemen now and causing of the worst refugee crisis since WWII. Over the past 2 decades, millions of children have been killed in many countries in South and Central America and Africa, Afghanistan, Iraq, Yemen, Libya, Syria, and Ukraine. Millions of children are now refugees with no homes, clothes, food, water, or shelter of any kind and are trying to escape from the countries the US destroyed. This has to stop! One person above said they are terrified of nuclear war and Iran. We have no worry with Iran, the US has been trying to frame Iran for over 60 years by planting false evidence that Iran is working toward obtaining nuclear weapons. It never happened. Just like the inspectors said Saddam did not have WMD, they also always found Iran does not have any program seeking nuclear weapons. The biggest motive for these wars are oil pipelines. However, the US is now aiming for regime change in Russia and it is setting up military bases all along the Russian border with the capabilities of firing nuclear weapons at Russia. This is why the European countries are so worried. If the US attacks Russia, it will be those countries who will be attacked, not the US. Just like now, as a result of all the regime change wars, their countries are the ones refugees must try to run to. Parents who dare try crossing the Mediterranean Sea know their chances of survival are only 40%, but they have nothing to survive with in their countries - so they often have little choice but to try. These coups are for corporate take-overs of these countries and the US wants to clear out the land for oil companies, Agro-firms, and reconstruction firms to rebuild what the US has ruined - all on our tax dollars - with funds that are bankrupting the funding for our own safety net programs and infrastructure. These war machines must be stopped for the many harm they're directly causing to the US. As I'm sure you know, by the end of next year, disability benefits are now set to be cut by 19% and that is a direct result of our massive defense spending. My hope in writing this post, is that the one-issue people above please not over-look this refugee crisis in deciding who you choose to vote for. I spend all my time these days on FB posting truthful articles and stories that aren't covered by the corrupt MSM, for people who are limited to the MSM. I let my FB friends know this and tell new FB friends that my posts are educational and not open to debate. As many of you know, I also continue to post every bit of news I get on the vaccine-autism topic. People in your group are invited to check in whenever possible and get the low-down on what is going on daily. I always write a name in for president because I lived in Ohio in 2004, working at Dayton Daily News, and the electronic voting machines were rigged. Doing the opposite of every single news poll claiming Kerry won, the rigged election in Ohio handed the White House to Bush - and both parties were in on it. It's worse now, rigged voting systems are now in most local elections. Best wishes and my support to your group always!
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Mar 29, 2010