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you know, i am kind of annoyed at the way this subject gets shorthanded. people aren't angry at lego for offering something to girls, they're angry at the fact that they basically ignore girls as consumers of their regular products, then make a product that is just a knockoff of every other "girl toy." i'd like to see that addressed, instead of seeing the claim that somehow, girls won't get to be princesses or ballerinas with the billion and a half toys that already cater to that. as it says in your article: "He says they have tried for years to market pirates and cops to girls with no success. Lego Friends was born after focus grouping 100s of girls in front of 100s of toys and then developing what they clearly gravitated to." there is a hundred miles between pirates/cops and what they actually made. that's what is infuriating. also, the comments about market research on lego's end are very strange. 4 year olds don't buy toys, just like they don't buy food. why is mcdonald's finally serving fruit in happy meals? it's not because it was what 4 year olds were gravitating toward, it was because of pressure from concerned parents about healthy choices for their kids. is there not a similar defense of enriching toys that invite kids to be creative instead of just 100 varieties of the same pink and purple plastic people? why does that get dismissed as some kind of misguided feminism? i guess i just don't understand why you couldn't buy the wand for your girl and still find some merit in the idea of marketing regular legos to girls. i think that's actually a much bigger issue that is being ignored: why is lego so character driven instead of being the creative toy that made them so successful? i have the same complaint about mr potato head. i want a toy my son can really explore, not one that only accepts the spud lightyear accessories it came with. that's limiting. that's the same complaint i have about the lego friends.
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i know it's too late, but... "kitty knew that, as with bears, the best way to survive a toddler attack was to play dead. or asleep. whatever, it's a baby, you know?"
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Feb 12, 2012