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Everett F Sargent
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Must admit that I have not followed the Arctic sea ice extent/area this year as I have done in previous years (2009/2010/2011). But having said that, and given the "weather conditions" are what exactly? Don't know, but if temperatures (air/water) are below normal (or even normal), then it stands to reason that the 1st year ice thickness distribution is rather flatter/thinner and bigger than it was in previous years. The predominant lose mechanism has always been 1st year ice, more so these past five years. Getting past the 1st year ice (area less than 3E6 km^2) and substantially into the MYI is where it really starts to get interesting IMHO. So I'll only become extremely interested in this when/if we set a new date record for 3E6 km^2 (UIUC area) in any given year. Also, the daily rate will have to be "significant" at that crossing point (3E6 km^2), say 1E5 km^2/day. EFS_Junior
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Jul 19, 2012