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Everyone's Travel Club
Seattle, WA
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Interests: Travel, sailing, kayaking, adventure, beaches and sunshine!
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Jan 1, 2012
Valerie, Thanks for the comment! Well, yes, we paddle Innova's like crazy. First of all, which Innova will you be taking? General tips for Key West: 1. A lot of the area is shallow and has little tidal influence. As you get closer to the equator tides (the up and down movement of water) are less and less - it kinda makes sense with the tilt of the Earth & the moon's gravitational pull and stuff...(I nerd out about the tides all the time!). What this means for you: don't be surprised if you bottom out, even in what seems to be the middle of the ocean. When this happens try to paddle back to deep enough water if you can. Getting out to walk can damage beautiful little coral so watch out and wear some waterproof shoes just in case (flip-flops don't count). Also, there are still currents (the horizontal flow of water) down there, mainly between islands (especially big ones). Just stay alert and you'll be fine - you'll see the water moving faster in some places. 2. If the kayak (depending on the model) has a fin for underneath, use it. It helps with tracking (controlling your direction when paddling). 3. If it is windy tie a leash from you to your kayak. Innova inflatables are light so you getting separated out there from your kayak = bad. 4. Driving down there or flying? The kayak will fit in a carry-on but the oars probably won't. I usually put the kayak in a carry-on (it's heavier), then pack the life-jacket, pump, oars, bag, sunblock, hat, extra pump sometimes, whistle (in case you get into trouble), and other stuff in my checked bag, holding my breath that it ends up less than 50 lbs:) 5. Getting a 'chart' (map with water depths) for the Keys isn't a bad idea. It helps you realize how shallow the water is everywhere down there. Plus it makes you feel like an adventurer:) 6. Paddling against the wind sucks...check the weather before you go. On windy days sometimes I paddle the against the wind first, then coast with the wind back. Lightning=bad. 7. Remember that any water that is less than our body temperature can cause hypothermia after a certain amount of time (crazy, right?). Take lots of pictures and definitely visit Bahia Honda state park - a great place to chill on the beach and paddle around. We love the Keys (my wife Amber is a local...until I moved her out here to the Pacific Northwest). Also know that all of the stuff I listed is stuff I didn't know or do right the first time so if it sounds too crazy just know that I did the opposite of all of that stuff and I'm still kicking. Send us a photo of your adventure and we'll post it on the blog so all of us snowbirds can imagine we're in warmer climates! Welcome to the club! -Paul Everyone's Travel Club (check out the new site - it's prettier)
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May 2, 2010
Northwest represent! Check out the blog, we'll show you why Seattle is on the list!
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Mar 7, 2010