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This was so six weeks ago. SO proud of you! :))
Toggle Commented Apr 18, 2014 on A True Test at Stories from South of Detroit
So sweet.
What a beautiful and heartfelt tribute to a person who played a monumental part in your life, simply by accepting you. I well remember this too, and could point out only one who walked right up to me with a big smile and shook my hand and said, "Hi... My name is Joe." Huge. You are the easiest person in the world to fall in Love with. How fortunate for Mike, too, that he had someone precious like you.
You do have strong shoulders, which is a very good thing. They help to support that good head that you carry around, and they are there for those around you who need your shoulder to both cry and lean on. With all sincerity, thanks for always being there for me.
Toggle Commented Jul 21, 2013 on Big Shoulders at Stories from South of Detroit
Thinkinaboutcha added a favorite at Stories from South of Detroit
Jul 21, 2013
I forgot to look at your rings when I saw you! Next time, for sure. :)
:) This had a 'happily-ever-after' ending.
Toggle Commented Jul 21, 2013 on Mary Ann at Stories from South of Detroit
Losing my mind trying to figure out who this is... But really not wanting to know.
You had me at "Walrus-in-the-headlights". J'Adore!
Toggle Commented Jul 21, 2013 on She Drives Me Crazy at Stories from South of Detroit
Thinkinaboutcha added a favorite at Stories from South of Detroit
Jul 21, 2013
Ughhhhhhh.... Love every syllable. :)
Thinkinaboutcha added a favorite at Stories from South of Detroit
Jul 21, 2013
Thinkinaboutcha added a favorite at Stories from South of Detroit
Jul 21, 2013
Good Lord Woman, I LOVE when you start rambling... This is my favourite kind of blogging. I have oodles of random messages on my iPad notepad, which may or may not be considered stories in their own right, but which certainly go together like this. But.... I digress... Which I guess is the whole point, right? I LOVE everything you spoke about, and went MENTAL with your Mom when I read about you cutting the lawn barefoot! I actually love cutting the lawn too, all 210' x 210' of it, give or take a hundred trees, and have gotten through this season without incident. Knock on a big old ash tree. :) I hope you have a wonderful day in the park with Baby Madeleine, and then that scrumptious meal. Good for you for walking out on the idiots who ignored you at the store... sounds like the place you ended up was the place you were intended to be. Love you girl... Keep on keepin on. <3
OMG! This is just the best news ever, my friend. Home is HOME, and your place truly lives and breathes YOU. I am so glad you don't have to move. This is absolutely the best thing I have heard all week. Nice guys really DO finish first. :))
OMG Such a precious reminder of a lot of the things I miss about Murphy. BIG LUMP in my throat right now. I <3 You xo
Toggle Commented Mar 14, 2013 on About a Dog at Stories from South of Detroit
Oh, how I wish I had known you for the past forty years. All my life I have struggled with what my mission in life was, and only in the past couple years have I allowed myself to admit that perhaps my mission is to be warm and nurturing, able to share and receive Love, and simply put, just be a good friend.
Let ME do yuor dinner dishes <3
LOVED the "We Saw Your Boobs" segment. Shatner damn near killed me. I was crying with laughter. Barbra Streisand was amazing. Adele's choices in dressage, hair and makeup was fantastic. Daniel Day Lewis. Everything about him. Jennifer Lawrence's reaction to her fall was fabulous. "Thanks Canada" That is all. :))
Love this... I became a Grandma when I was 46 years old to twins, back when EVERYONE told me I looked far too young to be a Grandma...and of course being a first timer, It seems like I was incredibly conscious of making sure I gave them equal time... Don't look at or touch or play with one more than the other. By the time grand baby number three came along, it was a totally different dynamic because it was my daughter's daughter. I jumped right in with both arms and was secretly delighted when my son and his wife and the twins seemed to accept this and embraced herewith the same reckless abandon. With grand baby number four on the horizon, I am truly excited and even though everyone else is secretly hoping for a man child, and it is true that it would be fun to have a little boy, I would be just as happy to have yet another little girl. I am overjoyed that your times with our Grandchildren have been remarkable, and know too well that anticipation and then acknowledgement of how quickly time with our loved ones passes. There is always the next time, but boy, that space in between sure seems long, doesn't it? ;) Love you bunches, Vic xoxox
Thinkinaboutcha added a favorite at Stories from South of Detroit
Jan 20, 2013
Someday I will have a kitten again... and I will name her Avalon... or Willow. Or Willow Avalon! I hope you are able to help me as you have helped your friend. I think it's delightful that you put a book together for the family and I know they will appreciate your input. You're a doll. Love you
You are inspiring, my friend. I have seen firsthand your generosity, and please don't think that your kindness has ever gone unnoticed. I am more grateful every day for our ability to connect.
Now, I'M going to cry. Love you xo