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Here is my current preferred two-lens kit: a Olympus E-P1 with Panasonic 20/1.7 on one hand, and Pentax K-7 with SMC-Takumar 50/1.4 on the other. Carrying around both cameras and both lenses is actually still less of a burden than one 5D or D700 with massive F2.8 lens attached, and helps solve the prime-using photographer's perennial insecurity of missing the shot due to having the wrong focal length attached.
Go with the GTI. I drive a Hyundai and, while it is eminently practical and reliable (I've not had even a minor issue in 5 years ownership), it is nothing more than a means to transport people and objects from one place to another. If you enjoy driving (which, if you are getting a standard transmission, you do), life is too short to deny yourself a car that is truly fun to drive!
You have to admire Greg du Toit's dedication to his craft, but I can't help but think he went overboard in recklessly endangering his own life. Having just gotten back from that part of the world myself, I know the golden rule is Never Get In The Water. Or like Greg you will also get the chance to play peek-a-boo with the parasites in your foot. That's just a creepy image. Ugh. At the very least, wear a drysuit next time, that $50 investment will save you $5000 in medical bills and, who knows, death. You might still get eaten by lions but I think the insects are worse.
I've felt for a while that Britain has been sleepwalking into a surveillance society. I did not feel very safe while visiting there, and it was not the criminals I was worried about (remember Jean Charles de Menezes?) I find it hard to believe that this is the same country that produced George Orwell - I hope the citizens of Britain wake up to what is happening in their country.
The SLRgear review is actually not very positive....they compare it to the Nikon 50/1.4 AF-D and conclude it comes up short at all apertures in comparison. And actually the bokeh seems quite nasty judging from the shots I've seen. I really don't think there are any redeeming characteristics. The Zeiss 85/1.4 on the other hand is pure lust...
I noticed a few comments here putting forth the idea that the students were satirizing Paris Match for being formulaic. Although that theory seems logical, I would just point out it's disproven by the students' own interview from the linked Figaro article ( My French is rusty, but a rough translation is: "It was not an act of insolence, an angry hit directed against Paris Match. We are not tricksters. We saw these real cliches of vulnerability but they did not speak. We wanted to make a strong impact with our staged photos. In another interview in Le Monde (, discussing one of the photos which had been accompanied with the line: "To be able to study during the day, I serve my ass during the night..." Remi remarked, "We found that to be a bit caricatured, we thought that would never get past." So it does seem the central point they were making was criticizing photojournalism for having descended into cliches, for selling the same old sensationalist and exploitive stories about suffering and poverty. That they have struck up such a debate (this was widely covered in France) shows that at the least, they have hit a real nerve with their little charade.