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About that Li-Air battery being low on power density - recently someone posted about a patent that Tesla has obtained that is about combining two types of battery. One with low power density but high energy density and the other one being the otherway round. They do mention Li Air as an example.
While efficiency & thus weight are important - they are not as important as emissions & gas usage. That is why a heavy 300 mile battery is better than a lighter 100 mile battery, if that is what it takes to convince people to ditch their ICE.
Zhukova, Well, irrespective of the reason dead weight is dead weight. Infact we could say the backseat is a dead weight - if we don't have anyone sitting there. But it is not practicle to put it only when we need it. We will have to just live with the extra weight of a 300 mile battery - if we prefer using cars instead of public transport.
Oh, I should add. A battery trailer would work. So will an ICE trailer for longer drives. But, the most convinient solution is to have that 300 mile battery in the car - and fast charge for longer drives. Regarding "dead weight" - the whole car concept is a dead weight concept. Moving a 2,500 lb car to move a 175 lb person is ridiculous, anyway.
Renting Battery = Better Place. Even Tesla had this idea that you can replace the smaller battery with a larger one for long drives. The big problem with all that is the weight. Batteries are still too damn heavy - and that means you will have compromised suspension with a much larger battery. Ofcourse, you can easily take out and put in the battery at home.
Atul, Leaf battery can be charged to 80% in 25 minutes. Does your battery have that kind of 2C charging capability.
@Engineer-Poet Leaf pulls a maximum of 80 kW. It does very well on free-way. In anycase, I agree 2C is quite mild in terms of discharge.
@Bob Wallace : "I disagree. Consider the multi-car households in which no more than one car drives more than 100 miles per day. And the single car households which very rarely drive more than 80 miles." I've been talking about this for ever. Having driven Leaf for one year as my primary car, I can tell you it works perfectly. But apparently people don't get it. So, I think to get to mass market or more appropriately a gas replacement car, we need that 3 hours on the high way range that goes for $25k. We actually have that already - unfortunately not in the same car. Leaf is about $25k (it was in '11) & Tesla S 85 kWh version can be driven on free way for 3 hours. So, what we need is something like S's range for Leaf's price ;-)
@DaveMart, You do get more than 70 miles at freeway speeds. What you won't get is 70 miles at freeway speeds when using the heater. You can get an idea of what people are getting by looking at this chart here. I've personally got more than 70 miles on freeway. @Bob Wallace : "the Nissan Leaf is rated at 70 miles highway range, 55 MPH with the AC on (95 degree day) by the EPA." Link ? Never heard of such a thing. Have you seen the FOIA documents from EPA ? I doubt it.
@Henrik "I am convinced that the mass market BEV will be a 80 miles range, 24 kwh BEV that is capable of recharging in less than 8 minutes using a 150kW charger." I disagree. Nobody wants to stop for 15 minutes or so every hour on the freeway. Mass market BEV is something that can go on the freeway for 3 hours, recharge in 30 minutes, Carmy/Rav4 sized and cost about $25k. 3 hours = about 200 miles, for which you need about 65. If we can get that for $12,500 (post tax credit price of $5k). That is in the range of Leaf's battery price. If Leaf has a 200 mile EPA range (instead of 73), they can sell all the 150k a year they want to make in TN from next year.
Atul, Thanks for posting. Couple of questions. - You seem to be saying, you can make any sort of battery for EV/PHEV applications - since you have the recipe for a battery optimized the way the OEM would want it. Is that right ? - GM has a significant inventsment in your company. They have a person on your board. What is your contractual obligation to them ? Do you have to sell to them exclusively or can you sell to say Nissan or Tesla, if they want to work with you ? - The graph that combines the first 3 cycles at 100% DOD and the rest at 80% is confusing. It seems as thought the capacity plummeted by 20% within a few cycles. You should get that presented differently.
Apparently these are people who think land (as in sq miles) is the only resource needed. They don't consider water, phosphates etc which are all constrained. Moreover, we can't just keep on taking stuff out of soil. Until artificial fertilizers were made using petroleum, soil was replunished using what came out of it. These guys think you can just burn all that stuff off or feed to animals. What happens to the soil as we run out of petroleum and fertilizers made out of it ?
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Oct 8, 2010