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he ZeHus BIKE+ motor algorithm is designed to work more like the Toyota Prius than the Chevy Volt. The ZeHus App offers 8 assistance levels, In the BIKE+ mode the battery recharges itself and you never need to plugin to recharge. The further to the left you slide the smartphone setting in the App, the more assistance and, of course, the quicker you drain the battery. This bike is intended to fill niche between a standard bicycle and a traditional e-bike with 350-400W/h battery. And at less than 32 lbs., it is among the lightest electric bicycles available. It's bamboo frame and recycled 6160 aluminum gussets also make it among the most sustainable. Check out the impromptu endorsement Nagesh Rao, the chief technologist at the SBA's Office of Investment and Innovation, gave the bike last week during the SBIR Road Tour stop in Lincoln.
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Jul 24, 2015