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Alice, Can you please explain how sulphur became your criterion, out of all of the many other factors at play? Lettie is certainly benighted, but you don't make a persuasive case other than setting forth your belief. All well and good when talking to like-minded sorts, but of no use more broadly speaking - and I wish and hope you would believe that you have something to argue for, with substance, not just to pontificate about, ex cathedra. For instance, to take a case that comes to mind, Drappier make a non-sulphured version of their Non Dose Blanc de Noirs. After a year-ish, it's shot. Yes, when it's young, it's more complex than the sulphured version, but the lack of sulphur leads it to oxidize quickly. This is an event that strikes such wines, very oftentimes. Others no, but to ban sulphur seems extreme. Oughtn't wine to age? Thank you kindly for your response.
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Jul 9, 2013