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Tough it out Al... Then if you lose, claim it was fraud and run again in four years using the "Reelect Franken" slogan... Worked for Rossi.... NOT!
"You are pathetic, get to work and DO something constructive for Christ's sake" MOM??
The Palouse.. So much wheat, so little thought....
Actually "liberals" listen to Dory simply because he is such a typical conservative. Hate filled and full of conflicting views and ideas. If we wanted to just have our views renforced we'd move up the dial to big Eddie. Yep, Dori is the perfect example of a con. Your comment on Webb was so telling. "I HATED Mike Webb" Any why did you hate him? Beacuse you disagreed with him! Conservitaves, as a whole, are fearful of any new ideas!
I'd actually like to see him go away mad!! Furious! Enraged! Blaming everyone but himself! That would be entertaining. I like being entertained.
My "Time spent listening" to KIRO is directly related to Dori's endorsement spots... When Monson starts trying to sell me something I push the KPTK button. Seldom do I remember to go back to 710.
RE: RR I love to listen to these right wing rats still talking the talk and drinking the kool aid as their ship along with the super incompetent (and STUPID) captain Bush sinks! The only conservatives left are the ones too brain dead to realize that they are being proved wrong on every belief they hold near and dear. We dems are going to hand you your ass in November but you'll still be talking like the fools you are.
Well, I listened to Dave.... Until something I had completely forgotten about happened! The revolting sound of a Dori Monson endorsement spot… I’ll listen to DR until I hear Dori! Then I’m back to Hartmann!!!
Welcome back to mornings Dave! I've moved on to Hartmann but I'll stop by to see how you're doing from time to time. I may even put KIRO back on the first preset button on my radio. Nine to noon is different than when you left... There's real competation for the progressive listener now. Good Luck!
concaucted..... Someone's been listening to too many of Ws speeches!
"you libs piss me off- leaker? liar? extremist ideologue? what about Baghdad Jim??? that traitorous waffle-head will be re-elected until he falls over. that's the harshest indictment of liberals I can think of." If Jim McDermott is the harshest indictment of liberals you can come up with you are going to be seriously out-gunned in any argument! The list of corrupt "conservative" cons just keeps getting longer. You conservative folks have been so duped by your own party. Yet, you keep drinking the KoolAid. P.S. We enjoy pissing you off!!
Bush Budget Increases Health Care Costs For 1 Million Veterans. For the fourth year in a row, the budget increases health care costs for 1 million veterans by imposing new fees for veterans, costing them more than $2.6 billion over five years. It would double the co-payment for prescription drugs from $8 to $15, and impose an enrollment fee of $250 a year for category 7 and 8 veterans, who make as little as $26,902 a year. Administration Continues To Block Low Income Veterans From Enrolling In VA Health Care. On January 17, 2003, the Bush Administration stopped enrolling new Priority 8 veterans for VA medical care, and the President's budget continues this restrictive policy. This has prevented 1 million veterans, who make as little as $26,902 a year, from enrolling in VA health care. Refuses To End The Disabled Veterans' Tax. The President's budget fails to repeal the Disabled Veterans Tax, which forces disabled military retirees to give up one dollar of their pension for every dollar of disability pay they receive. The budget continues to require nearly 400,000 military retirees with service-connected disabilities to continue to pay the Disabled Veterans' Tax. Fails To End The Military Families' Tax. The Survivor Benefit Plan penalizes survivors, mostly widows, of those killed as a result of combat. These widows lose their survivor benefits if they receive Dependency and Indemnity Compensation benefits because their spouse has died of a service- connected injury. The President's budget forces these 53,000 spouses to continue to pay this unfair tax, even though these families have made the greatest sacrifice for our country. Mental Health Services For Iraqi Veterans Fail To Meet Growing Need. An Army study shows that about one in six soldiers in Iraq report symptoms of major depression, serious anxiety or post- traumatic stress disorder, and some experts predict that the number eventually requiring mental health treatment could exceed 170,000. Up to one-third of Iraq war veterans are suffering from some degree of PTSD. (UPI, 1/27/06) And yet, the President's budget calls for only about 14 percent more for post-traumatic stress disorder and mental health services than last year. Cuts Funding For Medical And Prosthetic Research. It cuts $13 million from medical and prosthetic research this year. This would set the research grant program back years, just as many of our troops in Iraq and Afghanistan are coming home with terrible injuries that require this expertise. Ah just let 'em limp....
It's interesting that as exdem's and his conservative ilk’s world comes crashing down around them that he resorts to bashing Streisand’s spelling. I guess that the best they can do at this point! By the way exdem, we have exceeded 2300 US killed in YOUR WAR! Your war of CHOICE!
Toggle Commented Mar 7, 2006 on Ron reagan, jr. on KIRO today at BlatherWatch
The "war on Christmas" is so bogus.. It's actually a war, waged by the right, on my freedom NOT to be a Christian.
Eric says: "Hey exrat, F you!" etc. Why is it that whenever one confronts a right wing gun nut with facts they start calling you names?
Yeah Michael, That guy with the carry permit saved the day at the Tacoma Mall. He got shot three times instead of once. He's now paralyzed and we'll be supporting him for the rest of his life but I'll bet he felt like a big man when he pulled that gun out! The Mall shooter didn't appear to have any bullet wounds... Hmmmm.
“I'm not too worried that the "far right" is going to take over.” Indeed! It is nice to hear you admit that your thoughts are so far removed from the mainstream in this enlightened part of the country.
Jeez, give the guy a break.. He's appearing as a guest and I, for one, am going to enjoy another hour of Allen. If you wanna beat-up on someone who's down on their luck kick Scooter Libby around.
Toggle Commented Oct 30, 2005 on ALLAN PRELL BACK ON THE RADIO at BlatherWatch
I'm not poor or black so I don't have to fight!
"you suck, you liberal prick " The cons always resort to name calling when the going gets tough..
Dave Ross: He's the man! Without Dave KIRO may as well turn off the transmitter! Allan Prell: Funny, funny guy! Too smart for most. 9PM to ? Dori Monson: Mr."Do what I do" Send him to KVI! That would rid us both the 3 hour hate fest and the insufferable commercials. Carl Jeffers: Noon to 3 Rush Limbaugh: The Oxy-moron! Anybody we missed? How about Drake Collier? Oh, never mind!
Well, Bush was elected by a (slim) majority of voters so I will go so far as to say they are (a) Stupid (b) uninformed or (c) naïve. If W is indeed drinking that would explain his propensity for spending money he doesn’t have.
It doesn't take many stupid people to swing a close election! "If you're not rich or stupid, you shoud be a DEMOCRAT!!"
If we're going to base this on performance it would appear that he's been drinking since day one.