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Why is Gaffney’s assertion that Petraeus has shown “submission” to Sharia is outlandish? Please.
You wrote: 'Gaffney’s assertion that Petraeus has shown “submission” to Sharia is outlandish'. Why is it any more outlandish than Petraeus (as Andrew McCarthy wrote) "....cast Israel as the source of all America’s woes in the Middle East." (?) Scholar on Islam, Robert Spencer wrote (of Petraues), "The idea that in wartime one should be careful not to do anything that the enemy is likely to respond to with irrational and even murderous anger may seem tactically wise at first glance, but ultimately it is a recipe for surrender." The title of the blog is, "Canary In The Coal MineNews and information about anti-Semitism and Islam: Exposing the toxic nature of the Quran and all of Islam who adhere to its oppressive and deadly ideology including anti-Semitism and vicious hatred." Whose side are you on? Good grief.
There may indeed be millions of peaceful Muslims who do not subscribe to this jihad ideology as the author suggests. Little doubt there are many. There are Muslims who do not read the Qur'an; many more are non-religious and secular / western, assimilated Muslims. This is not to say that these assimilated Muslims cannot at some point in the future feel compelled to become practicing or devout Muslims. Nevertheless, we do not know how many Muslims do indeed subscribe to this jihad ideology. We do not know how many Muslims are devout or committed Muslims like Nidal Hasan. Mr. Hasan is reputed by witnesses to have uttered the jihadist cry, "Allahu Akhbar," Allah is great (or greatest) as he began to shoot his victims. We know on 9/11 many thousands of Muslims celebrated the sneak attack on the US. We saw Palestinians dancing in Ramallah, Gaza, in Lebanon, etc. We saw Egyptians celebrating. Muslims reportedly celebrated here in the US; in Fairfax, Virginia for instance. The important question is not how many Muslims are willing to commit acts of violence against innocent non-Muslims. Rather the question is how many millions of Muslim here in the US and world-wide sympathize with those who are willing and who do commit violence in the name of Islam? How many live in Europe and the US?
Toggle Commented Nov 7, 2009 on Islam and Fort Hood at Steve Chapman
Former President George W. Bush wanted and now Obama wants to give them a state. Conservatives loved Bush even as he sought to dismember and destroy Israel. Bush was celebrated on this site, even as he lied about our enemies - traitors to their faith, enemies of Allah, hijackers of a peaceful religion, etc. Is any wonder B. Hussein Obama is America's president? Conservatives and Republican supported a traitorous president. Bush and Rice opined that the election of Hamas by the 'palestinians' was a wonderful demonstration of democracy.