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Wow. My geographical nitpicking has earned me a mention on your blog. Thank you. Let me add my perspective as someone who is a Downtown enthusiast while living in a suburban neighborhood of the city. I neither live nor work Downtown, but I go there several times a week for major events (concerts, plays, etc.) and minor events (farmer's market, library visit, etc.) I don't see the needs of Downtown visitors and Downtown residents as fundamentally incompatible. When people come Downtown for a event, many seldom venture more than a block or two from the venue. One of the reasons is that vacant lots and blank walls give them little confidence that some exploratory walking will yield hidden gems. Filling in those gaps in the city core is therefore of paramount importance. That's why I like Sean's dog park idea so much more than a parking lot. As for CitySCape, as much as I dislike the architecture, I still think that some of the businesses will appeal to Downtown residents. Isn't a drusgstore within walking distance of major apartment and condo complexes helpful (even if its design is poor)? Likewise, some of the restaurants, such as Vitamin T, sound like they are offering casual street food meals with late hours rather than just sit-down meals that are oriented more toward business lunches and pre-event dining. Finally, I don't really get the fuss over the Lucky Strike dress code. It sounds no more strict than what many people, including me, wear every day. For someone who works in a Downtown law firm, bank, or government agency, it would be hard not to comply with the dress code.
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Oct 29, 2010