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Honestly said maybe your interpretation is wrong. I've been fencing with swords for quite some time now. And this looks like your average typical simple one handed sword. Judging by the wear and tear, it has been used accordingly. This is a practical weapon, not a show weapon. It will probably have been sheeted in its scabbard for most of its life. There comes also that the inscription is not in a practical place. Decoration on the blade doesn't make a lot of sense. And to make matters worse, to read the inscription, you would have to hold the sword in the Wrong hand! I'd say this is a practical number. Like a serial number. X's are probably Chi's separating parts of the sword. Some of these might designate an Ora, place of origin. Or a chronogram inside the text. But I think it is just a plain serial number. I don't know much about ancient languages, but I know a lot about using swords. They are tools, only the rare few are ceremonial. Study this sword, as you would study the inscription on a screwdriver. is now following The Typepad Team
Aug 7, 2015