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Garth Johnson
Interests: Craft, bitching about craft, eatings, sleeping, drinking, and dreaming craft, venerating craft, crafting craft, crafting art, crafting crap. Craft with a capital "C", Kraft with a "K". Horrible puns, dad jokes, weedy late-80's and early 90's British bands, TIVO, overdue library books, silicone bakeware, and computer geekery.
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It doesn't get much grosser than this, Harriette...we're just as guilty of nasty taxidermy on this side of the pond, if not mores. I found another YouTube video of inept taxidermy around the world that you might want to shield your eyes from when I post. G
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Dammit, Harriete! You keep punishing me for choosing NCECA over Craft Forward and having to go to Maker Faire instead of SNAG. Thanks a bazillion for the recap of this lecture. I'm incredibly jealous I wasn't there to hear it myself. You're a national treasure. Garth
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Mar 15, 2010
Amen. Thank you for helping to fill some of the gaps in my memory from the conference. It's been a joy to sift through your posts and get your take on the various panels and lectures. I was surprised and delighted to read Wendy Rosen's post about the conference as well. XOXO Garth
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touché, Hipster douche! This elongated vase shape DOESN'T go back thousands of years,' a bastardization of a really beautiful, classic vase form. Aesthetically, they give me the willies because I think the original forms are so beautiful, balanced and sublime. You're free to think what you want. I think the process and skill are AMAZING, and I hope I communicated that, but I think the objects themselves are aesthetically bankrupt displays of conspicuous wealth. That's one man's opinion.
Toggle Commented Jun 12, 2009 on Size Queens at Extreme Craft