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One of the reasons Starbucks cited for making the change is their desire to make it easier to branch out into their other non-coffee products - like ice cream and teas to name two. If that is the case, then leave the Starbucks name and drop the coffee. Kentucy Fried Chichen did this by changing to KFC when they wanted to minimize the "Fried" component of their name when the world was becoming more healthy. Overall, I think the real reason behind the change is two-fold. One is the obvious consumer interaction and conversation that this change has caused. Just look at all the posts and tweets about this in the past week. The second reason is Starbucks wants to play with the big brands. Apple. Nike. Pepsi. These brands are known simply by their logo. No company name is necessary. The question is - Starbucks took a big hit in the brand department a couple years ago. Since Howard came back, while he has done a great job of turning around the company and cutting the fat (so to speak), the company is still dealing with the fact that McDonalds and others were allowed to gain a foothold in the market. Starbucks needed to get back into the spotlight. Kudos to the designers who were able to convince the boss that they should get a shot at fixing the company.
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Jan 7, 2011