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Brian, Strange but True: Hospitals and religious organizations are the kingpins of demolition for significant buildings. Lake Oswego should have informed public groups of the demo weeks before......
This typology is the bread and butter of N.W. Kurt and SERA have got the right touch. Nice! The main issue remaining? Can the developer pony up with the money and the architects follow through with the proper details and materials to make it timeless? Example: Building "A" Steel windows, wall thickness and masonry rustication at base are projected in the rendering. Do these critical elements get value engineered out? Lets hope not.
Hey Culter, are you really making a big change here? Given the 125 million dollar budget- A man of your training and statue would create more than a whip cream dessert for systematic problems facing OUR judicial system. True sustainability is to rehabilitate the buildings for what it was. 1974 SOM building. Minimal money could have been put into keeping the historic building. If the architects believe in change, the fundamental change is on social /conscious level. Amazing how kids from the Sixties abandon the revolution once the money and faux accolades get awarded. Green- Sustainability dogma used as a tool to prevent a deeper dialogue. Next up for Culter? Perhaps a new screen design for Camp Gitmo...
First line of defense: Property Owners cannot waive historic resource designation. Just because someone owns the Land does not mean they own the Landscape. Landscape is a collective-community own resource.
Brian, If this was an empty lot then the designers words are justified and I can respect the project. However you have to critical look at his own words in the context of what exists now! It reads like a Robert Moses wetdream. Quote: "You have these great existing buildings on the park blocks, these old brick warehouses. We asked, 'Why do people like these buildings?" They love the buildings because they EXIST!!Pure Brave New World doublespeak. People love it but we must get rid of it so we can use our product. Quote "While we know we can’t build low-bearing brick buildings with that authenticity..." False statement. Yes we can build load bearing masonry buildings with great detail and authenticity or save the one you have! Quote: I think Emily Powell put it best in the response to the neighborhood association," Robinson explains. "She said, 'I have a very strong connection to the building. But is it working? It’s been sitting empty for two years.' To make the project work, it needed to be a new building." Hello, we are in a 5 year depression. To make the project work you could respect the way the neighborhood evolved the past 100 years and COOPERATE - COLLABORATE with the old fabric through addition of floors. (listen to Bill Badrick) Quote: "One of the things we thought of a great example of a building that’s changed an area is the Ace Hotel. It has a very dark base but the program is very apparent close to the surface, with people in the lobby and Stumptown. We want to bring that type of life to the edge of the building." Ohhhh. You mean the National Historic Building that was rehabilitated to accommodate the Ace and Stumptown! Hello, What part of that experience is attributed to the "feel" of the old typology/ building detail. Brian- I cannot take the designer seriously if they make comments that completely contradicting their argument or are worst, disingenuous to pacify opponents.
Complete Bull......The architect keeps talking about older buildings as a design reference while demolishing a great old buildings that has ALL of The Characteristics sighted! Green Eco justification? Please if you work with what you have, you conserve and renew. Double win. But no, the giant architect ego will not allow this. Its got to be "my little creation" that I can shout about. Complete nonsense,pathetic blabber..... And for Brian, Come on, this building is significant vernacular that needs to be analyzed as a sum of the parts in that district. You start to lose the feeling of the older trees, buildings ie --cultural landscape of the "Parkscape. Old growth lumber, flooring...structural system all contribute to "feeling" To Mrs Powell....Keep that Building!!! Best solution is to rehabilitate. You will keep your business ethic and design saavy
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Sep 26, 2011