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It was definitely a different war and a different era. Some stars still do perform for troops today. And I am sure it has its challenges for them. But the fact that women are now in the military (even though they still aren't technically allowed in combat) must make the atmosphere a little different (and perhaps better) for the female performers today than it was in WWII. Steve is right that the image of women in WWII was heavily manipulated for the sake of the war effort. Betty Grable was the highest-paid woman in the US at the time, which says something about the things that were valued most in women back then. Plus, there was racial segregation in all parts of the military. So Lena Horne was the only acceptable pin-up for African-American troops. There is good and bad in both eras. It would be harder for the government to control the image of women today. And I think that is a good thing. But the common purpose and sense of mission that everyone felt in WWII has never been duplicated in the wars that have come after. Interesting stuff. Thanks Steve.
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Aug 16, 2011