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Who is the SDF trying to deceive this time. The same noise was made when Rtd Col Chi Ngafor and his thugs were detained, they are still languishing in jail today. Lapiro should know that, the SDF will do nothing to help him out. If he ever sees the light of the freedom, before he completes his sentence, then it is the collective efforts of others and human rights groups. I promise, if that does happen, mark my words, the SDF will try to take credit for such a move. Mr. Biya has the SDF in his hands, he can drop them and they will crash like a pack of cards. Time will tell.
Lapiro is been used as a testing ground for future sentences; Mr. Fru Ndi be aware your turn is coming. It becomes more complex because, Lapiro is completely innocent, but Mr. Fru Ndi has to clear some clouds about his murder charges.
Toggle Commented Sep 26, 2008 on Lapiro Gets 3-Year Term at Up Station Mountain Club
Forget Mr.John Ndi and Paul Biya, they are never going to leave any little bit of power they hold. It's not in the nature of the Bantus, or those from Centre/West Africa to do so easily. In another article in this same paper, i see a journalist trying to pelt the West for showing little sympathy to Fru Ndi's struggle, against those of Morgan Tsvangirai. Mr Tsvangirai, came out as a more eloquent and intelligent politician with a focus and a vision for Zimbabwe. He was able to convince the West about the problems facing his country, and was level headed, how useful he will be to his people. Even when he had a large mass of the people of Zimbabwe's trust, he never became arrogant nor did he abuse their trust. Unlike Mr Ndi who contradicted himself when he had the opportunity to present his purpose the West. Mr Ndi, who became arrogant to the people who made him, what he is, he lost touch with the people when "Biya's crumps" came in, through the SDF parliamentarians. In all and in the end, he was regarded as just a power hungry person without a vision or a purpose. The West couldn't give the support Mr Fru Ndi or the author of the said article expected. Unfortunately, he had the masses of Cameroonians who still don't know what they want, or what a nation is all about.
It's really unfortunate that the post will publish a front page article without proper investigations. It really harms their credibility. I prefer the Eden, they are better in reporting and analyzing.
Nice analysis Neba-Fuh. For most of us our dreams,hopes and aspirations have been betrayed, leaving us to wonder if it was all worth it, wasting time and resources on the SDF. Thank goodness i played my part in a humble way and those who can appreciate fairness,tolerance and justice will live to remember how we struggled in the South and East Provinces in the 90s. History is our judge.
"Dr" Madame, Shu-up, does the SDF parliamentarians not use micro-project funds to sponsor the party? Judge yourself before attempting to judge others, you are all the same with different names.
The hawk has finally landed in Chatier Naval, the post let the jailed G.M provide more money for you to polish his image now.
Mr. Manyong, You got it right this time around and i quote " The SDF MPs were very enthusiastic in the discussions on the bill which took place in the Constitutional Law's Committee. Their boycott of the plenary session, wherein the bill was voted into law, was seen by many as a stratagem to hoodwink the public." Do you think all this romance with the CPDM is going on with the knowledge of the chairman? Transparency has been a problem with the SDF for a long time now, and it's unfortunate the public is just getting a glimpse of it now.
Feli, You come to post this up, is Mr. Fru Ndi present in parliament? Spare us this. We are use to all this manipulations, by the SDF and her supporters who take every thing Mr. Fru Ndi says as the gospel truth. Mr. Atangha, When the post publishes Mr. Fru Ndi stealing shows at funerals you'll be the first to commend them on their good job, but when they inform us about proceedings which do not favour the SDF, the journalist abilities are questioned. It's common with the SDF, so it doesn't come as a surprise to me and many others. On the otherhand, i have made my own interpretation of the journalists' report and of the interview Hon. Mbah Ndam granted the CPDM information machine (CRTV), you need not come with any further interpretations. Some of you guys of the SDF think you monopolise information and try to force your thoughts and interpretations on others. Let us be our judges and make our interpretations for ourselves.
Feli, Your party favoured the immunity issue put forward by the CPDM, on the a account of making a consensus. They have been in Parliament for a while now, have they ever come out with any reasonable decision based on a consensus with the CPDM? The SDF should stop telling people it's a lion whereas it's a chicken, which helps to validate the CPDM and Biya's grip on power.
I am still to understand what the SDF has become in recent times. These are the people who go to parliament to vote for immunity favouring Biya not to be prosecuted for killing youths and in a couple of days turns around to send a press release calling for a day of mourning for "our youths" who were killed. Who do they think they are deceiving? Only fools won't see this. SDF you will be disgraced by your actions and your betrayals. God bless you all.
Thank God it is happening before our very own eyes. When i, Eyengue Ebolo wrote to say the SDF is a bedmate of the CPDM, i was castigated and insulted. The SDF mortgages justice for the people for Biya to step down in 2011? I am very positive the SDF was doing this so that the CPDM should drop the idea of an extended mandate for Biya, but knowing who the CPDM are, after their romance with it all these years, they should have better known. So, the SDF did this, so that, Biya should not be held responsible for the 6 youths who were killed during her launch in Bamenda on May 26 1990? My God, how we forget so soon because of our greed. God save Cameroon from these Vampires!!!!!
This is an insult to the youth of the country, for the Presidency to address us as deliquents. This is a very disgusting and irresponsible statement by the Presidency of the Cameroon. In so doing they are adding to an already volatile situation. From all indications, there is no one behind the upheavals going on. As a matter of fact, it is the disgruntleness of how the country is been managed. The youths have had enough of this and enough of these insults. Watch out!!
Alhadji, Now you are talking. I like the debate. I acknowledge the fact that all the above politcal parties have youth wings, but the point is how influencial is the youth wing in making party policies. In the 90s, the CPDM come out with an auto-defence group, a part of it's youth wing, which was responsible for taking out opponents to Beti/Bulu hegemony. Remember youths of the SDF attacked Prof. Ngwasiri's home when he was at logger head with Mr. Fru Ndi. Is that the only responsiblity of youths of political parties to physically abuse opponents which threaten the leadership of the party? Most of the leaders of these political parties, if we go by nature, may have one or less than a decade to live, yet they cling to power, forgetting to know, when they are gone, it will be the time for the youths of today to manage the affaires of the country. Bill Clinton became president of the USA in his early 40s, didn't he manage the country well,and won a second term? I think the generation of the Hippos have put most African countries including Cameroon to pre-colonial era. If you got the time listen to George Ayyiteh on Cheetahs and Hippo generation. You can get it on youtube.
The Chickens are coming home to roost. Let's start preparing for the end to corruption, nepotism, tribalism and Biyaism (SDF, CPDM, UNDP,CDU,MP and the rest of Biya's puppets). The old should go. In our country we the young with a vision and purpose will bring Cameroon to the place she deserves to be in the world, not a HIPC. Rest in peace Biya's regime.
Alhadji, Good to know you have come to know the use of the dictionary. If i were from the English speaking part of Cameroon, i could have known better. My mastery of the English language is out of your reach. Make more use of your English Language dictionary, (if you wish i can recommend some books which are going to help you). Nice you're improving in your English, to be able point out spelling errors and other mistakes, atleast criticism helps somehow. I will won't tell a lie like you did, blaming it on "typo" though, the mistakes i made can be blamed on carelessness rather than ignorance. I should have been more careful before posting.
This is how the SDF planned to rule Cameroon. We're going to get all their dirt soon. Corrupt officials who are quick to point to the CPDM, whereas, they are the same coin with different faces. I maintain SDF = CPDM.
Alhadji, It goes thus: "As for Eyengue......" not " Ask for Eyengue....". Sure you will say it's a "Typo" once more. Look young man, when we were struggling for the change in Cameroon, you must have been running around naked, and mama was cleaning the your running nose. You know too little to engage in a political debate. Do you own a copy of the constitution of Cameroon? I wonder. I'm not interested in what nonetities post on the internet. Fon, you better keep your Chairman abreast with issues before clamouring for press conferences in which he contradicts himself. Age sometimes affects the way people think. He should go on retirement, and let the young continue with the struggle. Their generation has been full of deceit, and corruption, SDF and CPDM should be held accountable for the present predicament be-falling Cameroon today.
What can Mr.Fru Ndi say, in a recent press conference, in which he wasn't prepared as usually, (Just interested in calling for interviews in a show-biz manner). He couldn't differentiate between his SDF constitution and the constitution of the country. Those are signs of a dictator. Those who have eyes should see.
Mr. Manyong, This is a good and fair piece of writing. I knew you could do better. The facts are there and you stated it clearly, it's unlike previous writings from you which were full of rumours and "bar talks", i think this is one of your most objective piece, i have read. The time for the old is gone, the got a decade or less to manage and control our country, it is our time now, and like Senator Obama will put it " the time is now" the old should go to rest, Whether Biya, Bello or Fru Ndi, we appreciate their efforts.
Feli, What you wrote is a nice print on paper. Very attractive indeed. As the famous saying goes "easy said than done". Your so-called founding fahers who crafted the what you claim to be the cradle of the SDF, how many of them are in the SDF today, and to go further why did they withdraw from the SDF? Or as you and others will say they wanted to join the CPDM government, or have received money from the CPDM. I don't mean those like your chairman and Tebo, who joined the group afterwards. My reference is to those 3 who started the "Study group 89". The constitutional amendments i mentioned in my previous write up, which many didn't understand, was an ON_GOING campaign to give your chairman absolute power (dictator-like powers), thereby, enabling him on his choice to rule for eternity. Before others rush to harsh conclusions I must make it clear here that "It was an onging process". It's in the same light that we can say those clamouring for constitutional changes in Cameroon today, are in an ON-GOING campaign for that (This is simplified for those who can't make any reasonable analysis of presentations; Ahadji and co. take note). You make mention of the of your NEC, is the NEC democratic? Democracy doesn't end by, votes in meetings. If you consider democracy as meaning the right to vote, then your concept of democracy is foiled. You present a list of of NEC members with a vice president who is under fire waiting for your SDF tribunal to fire him, for whatever reason, Fru Ndi and his close allies know. How many of those NEC members have any say in party policies? Will Mbah Ndam who is the umbilical cord between SDF and the CPDM, not hush any of them down if, they attempt to say a word? Ngwasiri, one of your acclaimed founding fathers, had a pinch of the salt. NEC members are all on paper, as i can form a government today on paper, with names of different individuals. Now lets come back to the Yaounde incident, and about venue. You die-heart SDF or Fru Ndi fanatics, you always look at things superficially, what was the origin of the venue change, wasn't it as a result of the constitutional amendments Yoyo et al. were trying to institute in the SDF? or you will tell me it was because of logistics. (Dirty politics), how much did the CPDM government come to aid for that convention. You castigate the CPDM government which feeds your party. Feli, I won't go further to dispute my political leanings with you. As always any critical thinker is referred to as a CPDM member, especially for you guys of the SDF. As some one above suggested you to ask, I am for the amendment of the constitution of Cameroon. And what sort of amendments do i want in the constitution of Cameroon, i will tell you from chapter one, article one right through the piece of text you call the constitution.
Ahadji, As i said, your analytical skills are void. In my address to Dr. Feli, i didn't mention the constitution of the SDF was changed, go back to the write up and read. If long sentences makes reading and understanding to you difficult, then go do your home work. We all can claim "typo" even when it's glaring it's a limit to our vocab. That's all i've got for you now. Please, don't involve yourself in issues you find yourself limited in. Not at all interested in the childish exchange you are trying to get me into. Many have tried and failed. Have a filled day with your SDF, and Fru Ndi.
Dear Feli, Welcome, it's been a while. Like all the others of the Fru Ndi's SDF when you fall short of reasonable arguments you are quick to refer to critics of Mr. Fru Ndi as CPDM. I have always laid emphasis to the fact that only the blind and those who fail to reason will see that, there is no difference between the SDF of Fru Ndi and the CPDM or now Cameroon of Biya. Biya is manipulating his cohorts for constitutional changes, in the same light Mr. Fru Ndi manipulated Yoyo and co. to change the constitution of the SDF to enable him to be the chairman for life. Lets not go into the depths of the financial exchanges between the SDF and the CPDM, it will come into light at the appropiate time. Feli, we have been hearing Fru Ndi spitting fire for a long time with no action. In 1994 when we opted for a military action to pursue our cause, didn't your chairman shy away? stating he doesn't want blood. In contradiction to his idealogy, an individual is killed in Yaounde 'cos he stood against his chairmanship for life. At the recent meeting of the press, Mr.Fru Ndi had in Yaounde in reacting to Mr. Biya's passage on the French Tv channel, didn't Fru Ndi say he wasn't going to call on Cameroonians to go on the street against any constitutional changes? Why the confusion? Or perhaps Biya had promised him the bit of "gombo" he went to France to lobby for, and hasn't paid to Fru Ndi through his boys in the parliament. Feli, i don't know why you keep on falling into these petty talks, yesterday you referred to me as editor of the defunct Socialist chronicle, the one Mr. Fru Ndi's thugs mal-handled, today i have become a CPDM stooge. Anyways, i look at facts through the prism, and make analysis on the issues i have at hand. If the opposition in Cameroon has failed, a large part of it's failure stems from Mr. Fru Ndi. In my opinion, the so-called opposition (which doesn't exist) give credibility to Mr. Biya's Cameroon to foreigners as being democratic. As for Aladji, cross check your spellings before addressing someone like me. The word is Numb and not 'nome'. You can limit your "copy-paste" analysis to the CPDM web page. When you have a good appraisal of facts about history and events and when you are capable of analysing issues, come up and write clearing. I am not interested in the childish and emotional rantings you post here. Go do your home work properly. Don't get involve in subjects you are very limited in.
Mr. Fru Ndi has been fuming for a long time now, without any results. Since Biya came to realise Mr. Fru Ndi's problem was a very small piece of the national cake, which he cajole Mr. Fru Ndi's SDF to take, he will never consider these empty talks as anything. Mr. Fru Ndi is helping to keep Biya in place by pretending to be an opposition party in Cameroon. Please, Mr. Fru Ndi, join the CPDM and spare us this useless ranting. Come out from the closet.
What is wrong with the post? Where is the name of Forjindam and Tanyi Clackson? This is a similar list published some weeks ago by French newspapers in Cameroon. The post decides to take off the names, of those who give them "gombo", thereby mis-informing readers giving the impression that, only French speaking Cameroonians are corrupt officials in Cameroon.