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Dear Mr Rodrik I am quite a fan of your articles on economy, globalization and development as well as the ones on the notorious show trials. But I am slightly disappointer to read that you too were giving a benefit of doubt to AKP until 2010. Because, if you were giving benefit of doubt to AKP during 2007 elections, I am afraid, you were well behind the curve... By then AKP power had already been consolidated. AKP was not just a party. There were at least 90 years old networks of social religious structures behind it. AKP leadership were seasoned İslamists. I was one of the few, may be the only one in Turkey, who tried to bring this fact to the attention of the liberal intelligentsia (in my Columns in Cumhuriyet and in my other writings- the title of one of my articles was “the slow suicide of the liberal entelligentsia”-2007) who were then very enthusiastic about AKP and argued that what we were witnessing was a kind of “passive revolution” ( a la Gramsci), a process of “molecular transformation” in the civil society and in the state bureaucracy. It was going to end up badly for Turkey. To the people who asked me whether I expected Turkey to become another Iran, I said no, and advised them to go and study the Muslim Brothers in Egypt. Also apart from the historical example of the Muslim Brothers movement, the critical concepts like “habitus” (Bourdieu), “truth regime” (Foucault) were very helpful to understand what was the AKP (Who were these people? What did they want? Did they have a discernable project?) and what was going on in Turkey under he AKP governments. Now (probably since the “Gezi Event”) we may need yet two other concepts to be able to continue to analyse AKP: Totalitarianism (Arendt) and Fascism.
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Apr 28, 2017