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I understand the anger and the reasons behind this, yet, with the same type of censorship, The Beatles would have been removed from these services in a time where their views were unacceptable to the ruling dogmas. I'm not comparing the views/circumstances f the music, I'm only pointing out that with a different outrage, we would have celebrated censoring something that was true and beautiful but abominable to that era. We should walk lightly in this area because the tables can turn and the same broad terminology set forth in this announcement will censor you. There are better ways than this kind of heated censorship but just like Walmart has banned certain music they are free to do so, as long as it is carried across the board fairly; being that all music/lyrics 'inciting violence' are considered for removal. Which is most of the 90's haha. Then we can have the Walmart music selection streaming online. In addition, broad terms like 'Hate Speach," for determining censorship in the arts is a funny idea. 50% of all art I see and hear is hate speech to an extreme towards some person, some group of people, some institution, organization, corporation. It's too broad for this purpose. This will come back to bite the very ones celebrating it in a future era. It's a half-baked solution, it will be carried out by bots, and it sets a really bad precedent. I abhor hatred in all its forms, but I do believe that we as a society should be very careful when it comes to censoring the arts. It's dangerous to us all. I don't understand the artist of today; artist above all should not condone across-the-board broad censorship, even when they hate the content. We have to remember the wise sentiments of one of the few prophets of our times - Society is not your friend. Google, Spotify etc are not your friends. The Government is not your friend. - loosely quoted from Terence Mckenna
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Nov 13, 2013