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This deal will be worthless without Song of The South...
This is the most pathetic week of new releases in my 14 years of being a netflix customer.
Maybe they can use the savings to buy more non gay documentaries Pathetic releases the past few months
I love how all these folks who were still in grade school when Netflix first came out love telling those of us who have been Netflix customers since the beginning that we don't know what we are talking about when we are critical of how poor Netflix is today compared to "back in the day". Are we supposed to be happy that while Netflix is still a pretty good deal, we should enjoy that and shut up about it not being nearly as good a deal as it was?
How many people here have been continuous members of Netflix some 1999 like myself and remember the truly good days? When every week there were 60 and 70 new DVD releases at a min not 30 at a max? Any body?
As a Netflix member going back to their beginning, November 1999, I must say that I have never been less inspired by their offerings than I have the past few months. Pathetic releases by Netflix compared to what actually comes out (and yes, taking into account the lag time Netflix must go through) I am seriously thinking of dropping my level once again. What used to be an awesome service with a great web interface is no more. I no longer bother to check the new release updates on Sundays anymore because I now it will suck. Netflix is circling the drain, and they have nobody to blame but themselves.
Netflix's recent pathetic DVD releases have helped me to realize that I really don't need their service because basically everything being put out is pure garbage. I can't remember the last movie, etc that I was like "I cant wait to see this movie"....
Jerry Falwell would be proud of how well you liberals have arranged this boycott.. Good Job!
why is Season 6 of Sunny in Philadelphia not listed as a new release, because Netflix started carrying it this week. On the flip side, Pee Wee Herman on Broadway DVD was released this week, but Netflix has it listed as a date unavailable title
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Sep 15, 2011