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And I just would like to add that I really enjoy your blog. I'm a new subscriber (from the presentation group on linkedin). I'm not new to presentation development, but there is certainly always room for improvement and to read about other peoples point of view. Especially when it's well written =)
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I'm a graphic designer who works in presentation development for litigation. (Which again, is very different, from what most think of presentation design, this field is information design heavy, and presentations serve as teaching tools). I think so far I have been successful (I hope) in this career because my strength is information design and because my skills are versatile. Graphic Design spreads out to many different professions where the end products look completely different. There are graphic designers who work in package design, advertising, marketing, some design web pages or magazine layouts and some focus strictly on illustration. Someone who only creates logos for a living, might have a hard time thinking in terms of story, or continuity. Just like someone who only designs websites, might have a hard time coming up with a good logo design. A graphic designer with animation/storybooarding skills will be most natural at presentation design. Followed by those who develop marketing pitchbooks and those who work in advertising, especially in billboards or large scale ads. Web graphic designers would probably struggle the most, as websites are inherently text heavy. And what you see on the screen while designing is what you see on the final product.
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I couldn't read past book 2 of the Twilight series because of the exact same reason these girls give... why did it take them so long to figure this out? Bella's character is probably the worst female protagonist in all the books I've read. And I've read the bible.
We need to go back to gladiator times. Fight to the death bitches!
ahh the future of our country makes me feel all cozy inside
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Feb 5, 2010