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Fabio Juliano
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Of course, His Excellency Barack Hussein is available to meet with any emir, sultan, mullah, imam, ayatollah, hajji, pasha, bey, ghazi, or jihadi who may wish to see him.
Sandra Fluke is a slut and I don't want to pay for her sluttiness. Shame on Rush Limbaugh for apologizing.
The very fact that Islam uses the preposterously inaccurate lunar calendar is a sign (yet another) that it's a religion of ignorance.
Somebody should school this innumerate, politically correct pipsqueak that 47% is not a majority. The majority (40% + 13%) does not think they should be punished. I for one think they should suffer the following punishment: to apologize before their assembled battalion (though not cameras) for conduct that has embarrassed those wearing the uniform. To the Taliban, and every single one of their supporters and sympathizers, and anyone else who does not think they are scum that should be cleansed from the earth: piss on you! (But only in a figurative sense.)
According to the Holy Qur'an, anyone who has watched this video will have molten lead poured their into their in Hell for the hideous sin of listening to a "songstress".
Thanks to Islam, the home of the world's oldest civilization has become a land of savagery. (That holds true whether you consider Egyptian or Sumerian civilization to be the oldest.)
Toggle Commented Jan 7, 2012 on Love Islamic Style at Atlas Shrugs
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Jul 13, 2011