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This is, sadly, a necessary and good thing I think. Though the fact this will be signed 'Facebook' is amusing. Yes, folks, just to be clear -- I'm speaking here on behalf of the 500,000,000 users of Facebook. -roy
(I work at Netflix; and this should not be considered in any way official) One point worth making about the need to enhance Chaos Monkey is that killing instances isn't enough. Some of the most interesting (in a bad way) issues we've seen involved instances that got into a weird state (e.g. instance is still up as far as an ASG is concerned but not up as far as an ELB is concerned). As you note, Chaos Monkey by itself is important, but the next step is to find ways to mess with your environment that are more complex than simply a clean death for your instances. Of course, sometimes we get to have our extreme scenario testing done for us, for free. Like when Amazon messes up their EBS environment ...
Toggle Commented Apr 30, 2011 on Working with the Chaos Monkey at Coding Horror
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Apr 30, 2011