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It took me a while to figure out this was sarcasm. Satire? It reads like a straightforward confession. Let's recap: you and your husband crippled your ability to save for the future by holding low-paying jobs for years. Then you chose to reject your doctor's advice to terminate a high-risk (i.e., very expensive, both at the time and in the future) pregnancy. You sneer at the insurance companies for not covering 100% of the unusually high costs of having this particular baby (did your insurance policy mention what was and wasn't covered? I'll bet it did.) Then when the finances blow up, you contemplate enlisting at the welfare office, while snarling that the village you assumed would support you has failed you, and that it's your money anyway. You want the freedom to make whatever choices you want, and the security of having other people be forced to pay the costs when you get in over your head. "Your fiscal irresponsibility is stunning, Self." Let that one breathe for a moment, shall we?
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Sep 22, 2012