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Actually, Rand didn't just "survive" after the revolution, she thrived! She left Russia before the horrors of Stalin. After the revolution, she was able to enjoy an education, which Jews and especially women were never allowed before, and even she recalled it later as a happy and fulfilling time. It's also where she learned enough about film making to go to Hollywood. Russia didn't just instantly change into the evil empire it became. In the 1920s it was full of promise for many, and Rand got out while the getting was very good. She never suffered under communism - in fact, she owed it a great deal.
A women's restroom is fine if it's really needed. What they should do however, is to do away with free heath care for the wealthy representatives and senators (which is basically all of them)at our expense unless every other American citizen has the same coverage.
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Dec 3, 2010