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Chris Messina
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Oh wow, I would love to help out with a "FutureCamp"! We really need a new World's Fair... but one that's decentralized and allows the best ideas for the future from around the world bubble up "through the network". Drop me a line -- obviously I need to recover a bit before tackling another event, but this one sounds really cool...
Toggle Commented Aug 20, 2007 on BarCampBlock hangover at Relevant History
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Hey Ross, don't forget to mention the Fan Wiki: lots of other great resources and links to funny folk.
Toggle Commented Mar 11, 2007 on Twitter Tips the Tuna at Ross Mayfield's Weblog
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@Julian: We started speccing something like this out a recent Mashpit called RemoteParticipationInaBox. Truthfully it could be used both at the event itself and after the fact, but we realized the same problem: that our community needs tools to better leverage the great stuff that goes on at *camps (and other conferences). @Ross: I think I've mostly gotten over my hurrumphness about Mashup Camp -- and really just want to keep focusing on the amazing successes that the emergent Bar Camp community has had. It kind of dawned on me that my reaction is similar to the one that we experienced at Flock -- where by taking Firefox in a different direction and trying to make a business to sustain ourselves, we underwent a similar trial by fire from the Firefox community. All this hubbub seems a rite of passage when you fork what's seen as an open source community project and perhaps this behavior is one of the inherent social reenforcers that attempts to protect the original's integrity during such a split.
Toggle Commented Mar 6, 2006 on Breaking Down Camps at Ross Mayfield's Weblog
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