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one would think that valerie wilson's status at the CIA has been definitively been made clear. it is not clear. both "sides" are having this childish "is! is not!" argument. until the CIA comes forward and declares one way or another we cannot say. it may never be made public as the declaration itself might compromise some operation, agents, sources or tactics of the company. it IS well known that the vice president and his staff have always denigrated the CIA and castigated it's people. is this "any way to run a railroad"? it is also well known that the bush administration tends to ignore facts, much less opinions, which are contrary to it's point of view or agendas. hence it's unwillingness to change course when a change might be useful, and for the good of the country: iraq. katrina. social security reform. miers, etc. joe wilson, virtually alone at the time, became a very vocal critic. he has since been slimed, repeatedly. he is OFTEN called a liar. his op-ed piece in the new york times is often misquoted, or said to declare things which are simply not in what he wrote. have you read what he actually said? if not, you should. you use chris matthews' show as an example of liberals attacking the bush administration. i can tell you that "hardball" has been used to call joe wilson a liar on numerous occaisions, not only by the likes of victoria toensing but MSNBC's very own media doyenne andrea mitchell. i won't even go into what was said in the senate investigation report about joe wilson, which was misleading if not actually wrong. yet this report is often cited to continue to go after joe wilson. these tactics are reminiscent of the mccarthy era. the lesson: you will PAY if you dare to challenge what we do. and now patrick fitzgerald must be dealt with. the critics have already set in, questioning fitzgeralds proceedure and motives. i don't know what will happen next and i suspect neither does anyone who has been posting here. we have a lot of armchair quarterbacks. and it may only be halftime. may the good guys win.
Toggle Commented Oct 30, 2005 on Defending Lewis Libby at JustOneMinute