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Jonny Fairplay
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so i watched last night and this is just a more attractive version of big brother, right? perfect! that's what i was looking for! thanks for the insight jeannette! looking forward to more!!!
i just want to hold hands and skip down the street with these guys!
i was upset that i wasn't listed until i saw that john locke was at a lowly #63, obviously shenanigans are involved
i've already been!!
the band scene was funny for me, amazingly NO ONE in the band found any humor in it!
it was some random asian kid. i picked a spot all to myself and as soon as i was apart to start, that kid ran out of no where. i was fretted at the time but i thought it was hilarious when i started editing the video.
i tried to get the puking on camera but there was at least 20 security guards every where i looked. if i had filmed it, i wouldn't have gotten into disneyland, so it wasn't worth the footage. but TRUST ME, i threw up!
i'm drunk when i film them. i dont edit til the next day when i'm sober. by then i can't go back and re-film.
i was referring to parvati as the new trishelle (trishelle cannatella, originally from real world las vegas). actually surprised that i never noticed it before. she looks like trishelle, talks like trishelle and acts like trishelle. in the world of reality tv, that's a compliment. but i still hate parvati
my vlogs are parodies and opinion. do i think russell beat up a chick? no. do i think making light of it and getting on with life is a cool way to deal with it? yep. do i ask for comments? fuck yes. do i give a fuck about whoever the fuck you are cahallgren? nope, go die. but thanks for the comment!
that's why i think he should have told sandra, so she wouldn't tell rupert. i feel like i'm watching survivor: idiots vs dumbasses
ken's comments rank amongst the worst of this website as well
it's NOT a boyscout outfit! it is a SURVIVOR AFRICA safari outfit that i got in Thailand!
did anyone notice the sharpie tic tac toe on my chest instead of coach's chinese letters tattoos?
says the red sox fan!
yeah, it was actually 3 fold. 1- it was 8am and i was looking through music on itunes to add, i made it as far as ABBA and was like good enough. 2- it made sense with russell rolling the dice on parvati and vice versa. seems appropriate 3- i just really like that song!
u kept bitching that's what u wanted, so blah! i just hope next week's with jessie from big brother and murtz makes you punch a hole in your computer moniter!
who said i was faking it?
as i said i was TOO distaught over cirie i couldn't talk about it! just bc i have cooler friends than you, there is no reason hate.
i was so distraught! i couldn't talk about cirie!
that was pretty much my favorite part too! i'm pretty much the greatest pool player ever (maybe not the best video editor)!
the devil talked me into reading a graphic novel not drawn by Darick Robertson. CRAZY!
actually that was PATRON!
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Feb 22, 2010