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Now the world can well as Kate finishes the C-word bug cure.
Toggle Commented Mar 14, 2020 on Oooops… I Forgot Kate! at AdScam/The Horror!
Friday already. Can I bum a fag miss kate?
I will never underestimate your ability to do cute. Knickerless Cage is an outstanding metaphor for Barbie (TM).
What am I missing? I have had DISQUS forever. All I ever do is use it when a site requires it. Any information in my account is of no value (read that as imaginary or dev/null. If my public comment or bread crumbs (referrer) info has value then more power to 'em. Please Wait while I look at cookie monster .. livefyre, kinja, disqus, adage, and of course Google+, Twitter, Facebook. I use all, except Facebook, in order to comment. All of them have varying levels of problems with security and privacy on my side of the "login with XYZ" . We have sold our soul to the marketing data devil and the only out is by faking as much as possible. "yippee kia yi yea ..." on us.
My rule in mail deletes those messages so I am never tempted to return to Facebook. I do visit on a day of the week randomly selected by clicking on a shortened url (Me being unaware it is Facebook link).
What in the hell are they teaching kids these days? I bet any teacher I drove insane by refusing to write clearly would have a stroke and die after reading that 'word soup'.
Toggle Commented Feb 28, 2014 on MDC explained! at AdScam/The Horror!
Mr. George and Mzz, Wisey, I wondered what Lithium was about. After bouncing around their site a bit I have an idea what they do. Like Geocities but all grown up and pretty. I don't know why they want to Glamorize me, I get bad hair days but I am as glamorous as it gets. If some control freaks want to change me they should ask my wife how that worked. All you need to know about the Klout buy. They spell Glam... funny
Thanks Mr. George for the subtle hint I should visit Mr. Dave. A very nice place and an educational post. I can now say I have heard of Tom McElligott.
Toggle Commented Feb 20, 2014 on Gone, but not forgotten! at AdScam/The Horror!
I knew we are on the same page right up tol I got the goop page loaded. I couldn't find any of the pricey shop rags ( 4 at $175.00 ) only amazing Goop® -- When I did find the proper site google translate refused to translate the page. I am punting out before Gwyneth Paltrow finds that anal probe.
Took me 10 seconds to exit. the ad is for morons as is the car. It is a wannabe Toyota-BMW. GD new cars look like electric razors. The only car I have seen that rates a second look is Audi. Okay maybe a 400hp sport Caddy is worthy. Since I don't buy new cars the marketing people better not piss off my wife.
WTF! This shit should be illegal. The ads in USA are disingenuous and prey on the uneducated (not a doctor class) who believe they are qualified to make self diagnosis. Burn in hell Healthcare Awards.
I said it earlier that Peter O'Toole dying is a sign that I am getting old. Well, none of us gets out of this realm alive so I may as well get used to great talent skipping out. Movie Time: I seem to have Jane Eyre on a classic DVD set. Oh Hollywood, you put George C. Scott, 1971 Jane Eyre reboot in the set.
Well now ain't that just peachy. I use the "stick head out the window" weather forecasting. Think I'll forward this to my favorite weather place, [@TerpWeather]. (Fear The Turtle AKA [University of Maryland] Terps Basketball.)
Toggle Commented Nov 25, 2013 on Baby it’s cold outside! at AdScam/The Horror!
~Blinking~ Well that was crass Mr.Ed [Campion]. I put the word out to my bros in Kentucky. They don't have 5 gallon jugs of lube. Have a nice day.
I really don't give a hairy rat's ass about MacD's problems. If I need fuel fast I go to Taco Bell; 12 tacos $13. As for WallyMart? I recall a scene in an ad where the kid, holding up his bowl asks, "More please". Of course the Headmaster incredulously says, "What!". I'll post link if I remember it. FURTHERMORE, if my sister's small business can pay unskilled labor a decent wage and medical benefits so can Mr.BigBoxStore. Stop me before I rant ..... ~Smack~ ... where was I? Oh yeah, WallyMart must keep retail price in a range my spouse will pay. If that means employing nothing but part time staff so be it. Basically not my problem.
Okay so WPP is not in the advertising biz. Tell me what WPP Strategy Director & CEO: Mark Read does. He is listed in the credits, Bob Dylan "Like A Rolling Stone" Interactive Video (Adobe Flash), Sony Legacy & Interlude. An ad by my rulebook.
It's Friday! Military Industrial Complex isn"t seeing ROI -- Tomahawk inventory low at Florida State (wink, wink) That is a lovely photo Miss Kate but a word. Trade that prop weed for a real cigar.
Toggle Commented Aug 30, 2013 on Raytheon is pissed! at AdScam/The Horror!
The Computerland Ad is a walk down history lane for me. It too made its way into "The Official AdLand Advertising Tutorial Series - Radio" at Thanks.
Thanks. I found a use "Columbia TV Service Company" in the tongue and cheek, "The Official AdLand Advertising Tutorial Series - Radio" at ..
That ad was infinitely better than those Old Spice ads that preroll on too many videos. Just my 2-cents.
So that is why Sky tastes like store brand mouthwash. Horrible stuff but the ladies pour it into their crazy drinks so it is useful. Stoli and Smirnoff? I cant tell 'em apart. Must be that Jameson I drank.
Toggle Commented Jun 10, 2013 on Vodka 101 at AdScam/The Horror!
A word of caution; don't confuse what Google, Twitter & Facebook do with your information and what information the government does get and then does with it. 1) All three companies have readable TOS and privacy notices. The government does not. 2) All three companies use non-identifiable information and identifiable information differently; advertising is prime use. The government wants to identify and jail somebody with their information. 3) Corporations cannot declare you have no rights, on[ly] your government can try that one. Just keep your eye on the right ball during these distracting times.
My HTC-one loves Friday. Hi Kate. Is it happy hour yet? 0830 USA
Toggle Commented May 10, 2013 on Kate calling! at AdScam/The Horror!
I gave up my Camels months ago; just said bye and that is the end of tobacco for me. I personally think folks got all self righteous over the advertising. Culture of vice is what it is at the time it is either demonized or tolerated. I grew up in tobacco (& cotton) country -- The leaf is cash; farmer, county, state and "Big Tobacco". Tobacco has the pleasure of being outlawed off and on -- England did until the Virginia Companies said Tax for king and profit for shareholders. [working from memory so don't shoot me if history is out of order] Full Circle: Any person that smokes says they thought cigs were harmless is lying. The amount of harm professional grifters (advertising) wanted to hide for "Big Tobacco" is what got feds ass up in the air. At least Joe Camel was cute & ads were slick. The cigarette companies fucked themselves while fucking everyone else via the "Big Lie Must Never Get Out" vs EPA. 2cents rant -- low sleep and listening to annoying Cummings on C-SPAN. ;-)
Mr. George. You're cool, and you don't need The Invisible Cat telling you that. The 'get even rules' state 8.2(a) Fuck the dog, spare the cat. Everyone goes home happy. The dog *shrug* but he ain't dead. Cat laughs so hard a life is used; equilibrium.
Toggle Commented Feb 16, 2013 on Will work for nothing! at AdScam/The Horror!