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Faithful Pen
North Texas Countryside
Yes, Lord? Here I Am.
Interests: I am only interested in being a faithful instrument in God's hand.
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I'm in the process of remodeling my home. (Mostly all by myself, so it's going to take quite a while.) When it's all done, I want to redecorate as well. What beautiful ideas on Dee's website! Not to mention those heart-hugging quotes!
This reminds me very much of Twila Paris' 'Warrior is a Child'. Oh, how I relate!!!
Toggle Commented Mar 30, 2010 on After the War at Heart to Heart with Holley
OUCH! I have struggled (and more often than not, lost the battle) with perfectionism my whole life. This hit home in a huge way. Thank you so much for sharing it. Very encouraging!
More congratulations! :)
"What would you add to the list?" -- Anne Graham Lotz - 'Why?' - "Trusting God When You Don't Understand" and Charles Swindoll - 'Hope Again' - "When Life Hurts and Dreams Fade", both of which are sitting on my desk, next on my list of readings. I am keeping your list too so that I'll remember what to look for next time I'm at a bookstore. Having raised a chronically ill child (300+ grand maul seizures) I think reading Wayne Jacobsen, especially, will do me a lot of good. Thank you for sharing! Ah, and then there's #3 ... It always does me good to go back and read my own testimonies. :-D They often serve to remind me of the great things God has done for me, how He's always been there to either hold my hand through the valleys or lift me out of them. :)
What strength! What hope! What encouragement! And yes, what security! What a faithful and loving God! Thank you so much for sharing Him and His Word with us!
Yes please... prayers for Glen, who is grieving for the loss of his father and Mica, who is grieving for the loss of her mother. I just want to give thanks for the "foul weather friends" God has SO generously and graciously put in my life. I've known a few fair weather friends. But I woke up one day, not long ago, to find that I'm truly surrounded in genuine love and I stand amazed. God is so good to me!
Grace. I went to the doctor yesterday. Had x-rays. Have to get an MRI, shots, more physical therapy (already had 13 weeks of it). Arthritis, pinched nerve, curvature of the spine. I'm a dancer!!! So this isn't just bad news... it's heartbreaking... besides being painful. On my way home, I stopped in to see a dear friend. She lives in a wheelchair. She was born w/ spinabifida and wasn't supposed to live to see her 8th birthday. She's nearly 40. And her laughter and sincerity touch me somewhere far beyond my SELF and my terribly selfish nature. Grace. I promised Mica that I'd dance for her. It was a stupid promise. I'm all too familiar with the phrase "If you want to hear God laugh, tell Him your plans." But I still want to... even if I'm somewhat limited when I do so. I haven't danced publicly in a long time. But I still dance at home often. God willing, I'll dance for Mica one day soon. Grace.
Lead: Motivator Supporting: Caretaker I LIKE it!! :) And it actually helped me to notice a couple of weaknesses there. I acknowledge them and can now face them and try to overcome them. :) For example: "Be careful you: Don’t get sucked dry by emotional vampires" That is SUCH an easy trap to fall into!
WOW! I turned 44 yrs old at 7:02 this morning. :) I knew from the moment I opened your email and saw those cupcakes and the headline, God was going to bless me on my birthday. And whew, did He EVER! ... leftover basketfulls to pass around! Thank you loads, Holley! I'll take CHOCOLATE with cream filling, sprinkles, AND chopped nuts! :)
Ah, Holley, I can't tell you how much your emails "speak" to me lately. It's a battle, for sure, to overcome insecurities. Especially when the Word tells us one thing and the world around us tells us another. But I'm with you and vow to dig my heels in. (((hugs)))
Ugh.. tough, tough questions today. I really, truly thought I was the only person who experiences that fear. See ppl begging for the limelight all the time, whereas I've been more likely to run from it. I think it has a lot to do with "to whom much is given, much is required." For me, that's a huge standard to live up to, though I know God will be there to help me... to "hold the net." Trusting in His will. I can only vow to TRY not to hesitate when I say "I'll go, Lord. Send me."
Having spent my early childhood in south central Oklahoma, aka "Tornado Alley", we had an underground storm cellar in our back yard. It was musty and full of spiders. When life got too hard and I was afraid, it still made a perfect hiding place from my personal storms. It was, like Elijah's cave, where I learned to hear the still, small voice of God. I can't say that I outgrew ALL of my fears. Sometimes I STILL retreat to a cave of sorts. But those caves have changed from a storm cellar to "the secret place." I suppose that Psalm 91:1-2 has always been and will always be a lifeline for me. When the winds whip and the fires rage, I hide in the shadow of the One I can trust with all my heart. My Refuge and Fortress never fails me there, to shelter me, to comfort me, to encourage me, to give me hope and strength. It's just a shame that fears and/or insecurities often have to be the driving forces that lead us there.
"What helps you hold your head high?" Recalling moments when my chin practically rested on my chest, but God was there to lift me up... even from the deepest pits. I wrote a little song on french harp that I'd like to share. It is based on Psalm 3:3. The Sweet, Sweet Love of Jesus [1] My mournful tears like diamonds fell. They fell upon the Master's breast -- a mantle fit just for the King -- and there I found His blessed rest. No weapon formed, no raging sea, no mountain high, nor sinking sand shall ever take His love from me, nor snatch me from My Father's hand. (Chorus) Oh, the sweet, sweet love of Jesus is my banquet meal, my daily bread. No other god shall I ever serve but The Lifter of My Head. [2] The sweet, sweet love of Jesus is so gentle like the morning dew, refreshing to my thirsty soul. Embraced by Love, I'm made anew. The sweet, sweet love of Jesus is the solid Rock on which I stand, my source of strength in troubled hour, my all-sufficient, steady hand. (Chorus) Oh, the sweet, sweet love of Jesus is my banquet meal, my daily bread. No other god shall I ever serve but The Lifter of My Head. [Bridge] Oh, the sweet, sweet love of Jesus is. The sweet, sweet love of Jesus is. The love of Jesus is. © 04/28/06 ~Treava
I try so hard to cling to Psalm 91:1-2. It has been a lifeline for me soooooo many times. But I do have to confess, I sometimes have to fall pretty deeply into the clutches of insecurity before I wake up to what is TRUE. So glad we have a Refuge and a Fortress in whose shadow we can take cover.
There are some things, it seems, I have waited my whole life for. It gets difficult at times to scrounge up hope. But when it does, I fall back on Jeremiah 29:11 and hold fast to the fact that God's Word doesn't return to Him void. His hands, His shoulders, His back... they are more than strong enough to carry my burdens... if I could just learn to give them to Him and LEAVE them there! He is faithful to carry out His Word. I know He has a future and a hope set up for me. I cling to that.
Toggle Commented Mar 2, 2010 on A Time for Everything at (In)Courage
I am so blessed today that it's hard to ask for prayer for myself. :) I do need a financial blessing, though God has provided for me well enough thus far. All my loved ones are in good health, though I do pray God will draw them nearer, especially my children. If He sent me a companion that is perfect for me, it would not upset me. haha. I have praise reports running out my ears. God is GOOD! :) I will forward to last page and see whose comment is before mine and pray accordingly. God bless all of you who happen to read this. :-D
I would go back through the thousands of comments left for me on things I've written and posted over the last several years and I would record those that I find most encouraging. For example: "This is one of the most beautiful things I've ever read. You are a precious treasure and my sister." That comment is taken from my most recent post. I all too often fall into believing that I am a failure as a writer and these kinds of encouraging comments keep me steady, hopeful, and willing to let God have His way with my pen.
Holley, your email all too often brings me to tears and today was no exception. At the age of 12, my brothers handed me the nick "Cavewoman." Long, but funny story that I'll save you the reading. Nevertheless, it's been rather prophetic for me ... someone who hides in a little cave. "Damaged goods." Don't you just love that label? :smirk: My mother told me in what was my weakest hour, "You're the strongest person I know." I didn't understand at the time, but I do now. "When I am weak, then I am strong." I learned that we never really lean with all our being until we can't stand on our own. And until we do lean with all our being, we never truly know the power of Christ in us to strengthen us. Not only that, but we are never so in tune to hear the Holy Spirit speak to us until we become so detached from the world around us. All that I have endured, God truly worked together to my good. I AM fearfully and wonderfully made, an overcomer, a victor, a conqueror, a transparent and humbled, but mighty warrior in God's image. Mom was right ... I'm the strongest person I know too. For weeks, I constantly, repetitively quoted Psalms 91:1-2. He became a Refuge and a Fortress for me. Who but a royal heiress would need a Fortress anyway? I don't mind abiding in my little cave, in the shadow of the Almighty. Now I think I will go and wash the streams of mascara off my fearfully and wonderfully made face. :)
This is so hard for me. The battles have been so tough and I can't tell you how alone I feel in a crowd. I've spent a lot of years hiding out in my "cave" as a result. I know it's high time I came out. The sunlight is a bit bright, but yes, I'm with you.
I'll click the link to "more comments" and see whose post is above mine. Whoever you are, I just want you to know that I pray with the expectation of getting answers, so hang on to your boots. :-D As for requests, I need a financial miracle and I'd really love to see God's hand at work on my children. Thanks!
When Paul spoke to the people in Corinth, he was speaking to a church that was extremely out of order. Rebellious women had basically taken over and the men allowed it. (Goes back to Adam.) That chapter is so taken out of context that I've been told my whole life "a woman with a prophetic gift is not sent of God". I feel like Jeremiah sometimes... with a fire shut up in my bones!! What of Deborah? What of the repeated references to prophetesses? What of Joel's prophecy about women prophesying? So, is it true that women should have their teeth wired together? :) Let's see... Acts 2:18 Even on my servants, both men AND women, I will pour out my Spirit in those days, and they WILL prophesy. So... I don't have a whole lot of choice in the matter. I'd fry from the insides for the fire shut up in there if I didn't. :-D The truth I am learning to accept is that I can share the divine revelations/visions/dreams that are given to me and still possess a quiet and gentle, very compassionate and loving spirit. :-D Don't muzzle the ox when it's treading out the grain. ;-)
"Has anyone ever said something hurtful to you?" There's an excellent book for women, 'Captivating', that takes this subject to a whole new level. The answer to that question is yes, mine was a very wounded soul from early childhood through very recent adulthood. The soul wounds were so deep I wasn't sure they'd ever be healed. But God created the heavens and earth with mere words. And the tongue has the power of life and death in it. "What does God say?" The first thing God DID after He created man and woman was to BLESS them. And when He was done creating the universe and us, He said "It is very good." God blessed me said that I'm very good. I won't take anything else for an answer. :)
Yes, God really did say "Give, and it will be given to you. A good measure, pressed down, shaken together and running over, will be poured into your lap. For with the measure you use, it will be measured to you." (Luke 6:38) Yesterday, it rained a multitude of gems into my lap! :) And Daddy God told me that the more I give of those things that my heart desires, the more He will pour them out for me. So I traded my little teacup in for a 50-gallon drum! :) And then, He told me to LISTEN ... just to make sure I'd not only hear what He was saying, but receive it from Him. Yes, God really did say, "Listen, my dear brothers: Has not God chosen those who are poor in the eyes of the world to be rich in faith and to inherit the kingdom he promised those who love him?" (James 2:5) I'm rich! :) Gems, gems, EVERYWHERE gems! :) And I'm "chosen" too! ... as a signet ring like Zerubbabel! :) God's adoration for me never ceases to amaze me! :) Excuse me for a minute, but I don't mind getting a little richer ... ((((((Holley)))))) (((((& the rest of you beautiful princesses of royal lineage))))) :-D Just doing as I'm told and passing along one of those many gems. ;-)
I'm sooooo ready to overcome my insecurities! Abandonment and rejection and abuse seem to have been repeated over and over ... and over again ... throughout my lifetime. I became a terribly competitive perfectionist because of it. Now, it just terrifies me to let anyone get close to me. Or rather, it terrifies me to get close to people. But I know in my heart that is NOT the way God would have it. Took me long enough just to truly accept that my Abba Father really does love me and isn't going to abandon me. I'm eager to see what the Lord has for us, Holley. Thank you for being obedient. :)