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Wow! Thank you for that... Your description is perfect! I can see it in my mind. I stopped by 2 years ago when we were in the city. I knew it was gone but went to the building, went by Chuck Close's studio and found PG's home. It is such an interesting neighbourhood. There we images of the studio in the Glass: A Movie in 12 Parts (even PG walking to work). Phil has become so popular and New York so expensive over the last 30-40 years. Amazing!
PG is so down to earth! He does not take himself too seriously and this great little bit gives him some exposure to a younger audience. Phil is just Phil. And he pops up in the most unusual places sometimes...
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Bravo to Richard! There is so much to recall in the last year, let alone the last decade. When I think back to the Monsters of Grace tour, before the year 2000, and see how the Glass catalogue has grown- it is absolutely stunning. And yes, there are the critics that will say so much Glass music is the same or rehashed. I think the critics cannot deny some of the landmark pieces; Barbarians, The Hours, Book of Longing, The Illusionist, and Orion. Another tip of the hat to Philip's accomplishments is that there are more recordings and live productions coming out from other performers presenting Glass works. I think he has proven he can navigate across the musical waters of soundtracks, symphonies, and operas. I am personally facinated with Phil's stamina- touring the globe doing rehearsals and performances as well as putting in the time to work on composing new music. In the last decade we also saw the Philip on Film Tour (3 to 5 consecutive nights of Glass music with the films); Philip walking the red carpet for an Oscar nod for "The Hours" and the Philip Glass Ensemble play the Hollywood Bowl. The Nonesuch release of the Glass Box... Many milestones for this last decade. The "industry" of producing, selling, and distributing music has drastically changed in the last decade. Now we can download entire Glass albums off of iTunes- although I will always purchase and relish holding a CD in my hand. Let us also not forget there is a vast, DEDICATED team of engineers, producers, musicians, tour manager, and webmaster to support and present all of the glory that is the world of Glass music. I want to say thank you to OMM, Looking Glass and Pomegranate Arts.
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Jan 11, 2010