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IT is a shame that it is very long blog with contribytions by many authors who have expressed several ideas in relation to the music piracy. I'm impressed by the auuthor at the beginning of this blog who blamed thed microsoft and cheap software for the existence of the piracy. I think the RIAA would be very impressed by those thoughts simply because MIcrosoft is a force behind the resistence to the RIAA lobby in the US Congress for the enacting of anti-piracy laws. Actually the said author is very misguided as to the Microsoft Software being responsible for the piracy. If anythging it is the way Internet vservice is delievered for which Microsoft is not at all responsible. really. If anything it is the RIAA itself wsho is responsinle. Not directly in that RIAA is not the one is or was respomnsible for the creation of that method of the delivery of the internet service. It was created by folks who were very misguided but more misinformed than being misguided. One of those folks was Steve Case of AOL. These folks did not know themselves that this method would lead to the piracy and loss of livelihood of the musicians who are the members of RIAA. But now RIAA is fighting Piracy but on wrong front. RIAA can help to correct the situation. The situation can be corrected by RIAA lending its financial support for the ceveloment of an alternate method of the dlivery of the internet service. I call it the server side processing of the data. Presently all the tasks are performed by the client. The server merely performs the clerical work of storing the documents and providing them to the clients when they ask for the documents. Now people are using one system of surfing the net. There is no way they can even think of using an alternative method of surfing the net. THey could think of using the alternet method of surfing the net if it existed. That is why it is paramount for the RIAA to lend its financial muscle to provide seed capital to develop this method of surfing the bet and then for the advertising needed to get people to use this method of using the net. Simultaneously RIAA could then lobby the Congress to ban the present method of surfing the net. This method of surfing the net is described at Various authors in the blog have expressed various ideas that will never be able to wipe out the piracy since they don't attack the root cause of the existence of the piracy which the method of surfing the net now existing. My name is Satish Bhardwaj and I'll risk spammers by giving my email address as in case RIAA would be interested in rooting out piracy.
Toggle Commented Sep 20, 2005 on "Just enough piracy" at The Long Tail
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It is time RIAA realized that it has not been able to stop the file swapping inspite of its world wide legal effort. Only this week a Harvard graduate developed what he clls eDonkey file swapping. It is decentralized file swapping meaning it is an individual act. He has vowed that he'll keep on developing software that does not violate court decisions. It is time that RIAA helps fund the development of server side processing method of ssurfing the web as discussed at In this method the role of server is completely changed. It's not required to send any files to the clients. The role of the client is totally limited. It only sends documents to server. It does not get any documents from the server
Toggle Commented Sep 14, 2005 on File Swapping at CSD