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Hello all Avatar fans. I am back again from my dream land of Pandora and cruel reality of our home world. My life is totaly changed becouse of this masterpiece, in the possitive way off corse. I hope James Cameron... Continue reading
Posted Jan 29, 2010 at AVATAR
David: I have this feelings and thoughts with me all the time and canot express what I feel but these words are closest I could get. But I think you probably know what I am talking about.
Hello all Avatar fans, I was away for some time but Avatar mess with my mind every day and almoust every hour of my life. This is awesome masterpiece from brilliant mind of James cameron. It is drug for me... Continue reading
Posted Jan 18, 2010 at AVATAR
Awesome, beautifull, you are very talented. Eywa ngahu ma tsmukan.
Toggle Commented Jan 18, 2010 on No title at AVATAR
I am sure everything is connected. Thanator was the reason for Jake lost, Neytiri first wants to kill him but the seed of sacret tree show her that she canot shoot him. And when he was attacked by viperwolfes and she help him and Jake follow her all these seeds landing on him showing her Jake is something special. Than Jake speaks with the tree of souls said "You choose me for some reason, I will stand up and fight, you know that..." or something like that. Everything in our life is like that, everything happens with some reason. We need to learn something, we need to feel something or do something with or in our life. There is no bad or good things, this names we invent. We choose whether this thing-event is good or bad depending on our feelings and understanding of it. All thing could looks like bad in the beginning, but in the long term you will realise they are good.
If you had the chance to ask James Cameron one question, what would it be? David nice answer. I would ask him the same. But there is so much other questions in my mind. I have read a lot of... Continue reading
Posted Jan 12, 2010 at AVATAR
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Jan 12, 2010
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Jan 12, 2010
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Jan 12, 2010
Caleb...I agree with you. Avatar is masterpiece and it is like some sort of switch for everybody who saw it. The switch to amplify understanding what we are doing to our home planet. You see the beauty of Pandora, simple but powerfull knowledge of Na'vi, bond with the nature and animals. All this we could have here on our home planet. All we need was given to us but we don't understand. From all simple, self and human sufficient beautyfull nature we gain nothing. We are just destroying all that with our greed, "cups full" of stupid aka egocentric knowlidge and all these in the name of human evolution. Yea right evolution...this is oposite of evolution=unevolution, becouse we are destroying main resorces we need for life and our Eywa=mother Earth. All this becouse of money not becouse of evolution. Even if you are totaly damn, extra, mega, stupid idiot you will realise this little thing when you saw Avatar. Whole message is deeper, biger and affect on me like nothing before. In possitive way of course. I saw Avatar 8th times and every time it was like 1st time. This is true possitive power, keep it in your heart even if it hurts and make difference in your everyday life. All the others will folow you soon.
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Jan 10, 2010
Anybody here who read thebook "The Celestine Prophecy". I found some similarity with the book and with Avatar. There is a lot of similar books, from older cultures, describes Akashi records = Eywa. Akashi records is some sort of energy... Continue reading
Posted Jan 7, 2010 at AVATAR
This is totaly true. And not just "The Celestine Prophecy". There is a lot of similar books, from older cultures, describes Akashi records - Eywa. Akashi records is some sort of energy wave computer. It containes all knowlidge, all events from the past and in the future. Except the future is constantly changing becouse of our acts in present. It is not like blue print or book, it is some sort of energy feeling. Some people have ability to connect to Akashy records and properly understand and interprete what they feel. I am sure Nikola Tesla was able to do that. But this is only one thing. You could also connect, bond with animals, upload, download thoughts,... It is not physical like we saw in Avatar but on energy level. Everything is energy wave, colours, sound,... even our thoughts.
Welcome to the club. Almoust everybody here on typepead also suffered the same symptoms. You could't resist, you couldn't forget, nothing. You watch this masterpiece and you are possitive way. I watch avatar 8th times so I know all story but avery time I got tear in my eyes, every time my mind was blown away, at nights I have problem with is so beautifull, awesome. Avatar shows us our stupidity, nonsence of military and what true love means. Every time I listen to soundtrack I feel like I am somewhere else. I see the road, path but my aoul and mind are on Pandora. But I post here words, all these is beyond words. Full of emotions, deeper, greater and so beautiful in every essence of our existance. Transform your sadnes into possitive feeling. You could live with all these feelings in your heart and make our world better. You are not alone!!!
Awesome! This is really the best example and this is first step I talk about in my previous posts. I am doing my first steps too. Just like in Ashleys post, I pick up can, pick up bottle, paper and throw it in recycle container, I rather walk in shop 2km away from my home instead of driving and poluting with car ... It is interesting how all the others are folowing your example-more or less. :-) Keep moving, keep doing...step by step. My tribute to you Ashley and Neytiri.
Wau! I am without the words. While I read your posts I get goose bumps. You inspire me with all these posts becouse you use my words. It is like you read my mind and post them here on avatar.typepad. Astonishing, keep posting.
Nicholas and Carl: I agree with both of you. We need to be like reminder for those unstabile people and we need more than just a wish. We need our strong will and our first step whatever it should be. I think the best way is just to change our life our perspective of the world and if we do that with our heartwill the others will follow.
All we know Avatar change our view of money but I need to post this. This is proof that Avatar is not just a movie but a true artwork, masterpiece. In 17 days it earns $1.018.811.000 worldwide. But more important... Continue reading
Posted Jan 4, 2010 at AVATAR
I forget to answer your question about 2D or 3D. I saw both and 3D have bigger effect on me, becouse our brains are more sensitive to 3D. This is the way they perceive world arround us.
NicK you have the same problems, the same feelings, same thoughts like me and almoust all the others here on typepad. I found myself in conflict when I need to sit in my car when I need to go in a shop 20km from my home. I was thinking about all CO2 and other polution from exhaust of my car and the same time how the hell find other naturefriendly transport. In a world which we live in we can choose only a greater or smaller evil for everything we do, if you know what I mean. I will not start my car for 1 to 3km distance. I rather walk. But larger distance in this time...yes null problemo if I could ride Ikran or Toruk. :-) I think the major problem is greed and unrespect becouse of greed. First we all need to change our life a little, first step and becouse there are many like us there will also be a big effect. And soon we will be followed by others and we will get bigger effect etc etc. NicK you are not alone. Keep posting you are great.
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Jan 4, 2010
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Jan 3, 2010
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Jan 3, 2010
NicK: Awesome post! A lot of us here on typepad have more and less same thoughts, feelings and wishes. This masterpiece Avatar have the affected us all and people all around the globe. My wish is the same ad your are. I hope this will last for the long time. And you are right about forest trips. Go to and enjoy my pics in the forest just 5km from my house. The first upper pics are from today, below is the same pics taken 3 weeks ago, the same waterfalls trapped in ice...
We all have a lot in common. And that is why we need place to talk about. We got forum but if any of you have better idea, count on me too. :-) Benjamin you share your name with me and same feelings and thoughts. :-)