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Loved the 5 lessons from your kids - great to keep in mind as we start a new year! Cheers, Bill
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Love your list - all great parenting goals to shoot for in the New Year. -Bill
Really excellent article - thoughtful and thorough! As a Dad to 5, I've become very passionate about introducing kids to philanthropy early on. As a lifelong computer geek, I'm also very keen on Internet based solutions. One of my personal favorite charities at the nexus of these two is I encourage parents to check it out as a neat way to engage kids in the process of philanthropy. For those who are interested in a bit more detail, I wrote a post about it here: As per your suggestion above, I checked it out in CharityNavigator and it gets a 4 star rating: Happy holidays! Bill
Wonderful suggestions. (I think the UNICEF link points to a broken page.) One of my favorite online sites for introducing kids to philanthropy is Here's a post describing it: Regards, Bill
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One thing we've done as our kids have moved into their teens (4 of the 5 at this point!) is to take a clear area of spending - like clothing - and turn over the responsibility to them. We have them propose an annual budget, review it, and approve it. Then we give them an allowance based on that budget and have them make all the purchase decisions (as long as they stay in budget and adhere to a few high level family guidelines) and deal with the consequences (like blowing most of it on a one-time prom dress and having to skimp the rest of the year). It's been a valuable learning experience every time and a good one to have under their belt before hitting college.
I like the idea of giving kids experience with different payment mechanisms (cash, debit, credit) as they mature. I'm not sure I'd tie allowance to one specific payment mechanism though. If you track allowance balances in a separate ledger, you can be flexible with respect to payment approaches and also get them in the habit of explicitly logging their expenses - a good intro to budgeting skills that they'll need later when they're on their own.
Well, my favorite is, but of course I'm biased ;-) You can see our intro video here: We've tried to make it very flexible to cater to the variety of valid parenting/money approaches out there. We've also made it so you can start off very simple with youngsters and then add sophistication (separate budgets, loans, etc) as kids mature through their tween and teen years. Regards, Bill
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