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Trish Dempsey
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Dec 13, 2010
WOW Tony, After conversations with you and reading this post I am floored! You guys in 4th grade better not change too much (but in my opinion I say don't change a thing!). I can't even begin to share the how much joy of learning you gave to my former students...i have to admit it 4th ranks up there to the joy that 1st/2nd was :o)...if they had the ipads it would have surpassed! I don't think there is anything more rewarding that having students who love to come to school, work hard and feel self confident in the learner they are! Your team has done that for so many! I know how hard your team pushes your kids to be the best they can possible stretch out to be. As an educator, who listens to everyone try to make schools out to be a business, I find it so frustrating. School is the farthest thing from a business! We are told to do 100 different things and judge on one. If the test scores come out great then we are judged on why we aren't doing more to prepare 21st century learners. If they reach expectations they we are judged on spending too much time creating thinkers and problem solvers! I guess from our conversations it's because our test hasn't been designed for 21st century thinking! Start running those worksheet copies! :o( seems like that's all that is valued!
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Dec 13, 2010