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What a fabulous post! I would say this a must read for every blogger - full-time, part-time or occasional, or in my case newbie! This is both inspirational and realistic with a warm tone which set everything out beautifully. I feel this sums up the ethos of my blog - I aim to bring "aspirationally attainable style, beauty and lifestyle to all" and this has made me feel full time blogging is "aspirationally attainable" too...and how fab is that? Thank YOU for sharing! Love Leigh at Fashion Du Jour | LDN HQ x
Wowzers! I don't know what's more fab - the event or the products! Super excited for some of these products to hit the shops, especially the blush, summer glow ahoy! Wonderful post, fab photos! Love Leigh at Fashion Du Jour | LDN HQ x
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Jan 21, 2016