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Thanks for giving voice to what a lot of photographers have been thinking out there. I believe that the decision to use Instagram and other readily-available FREE content (FB and Flickr) has more to do with cost cutting than anything else. One of the editors at TIME put out a call early on, as Sandy was making landfall, that he needed help with content on Facebook (specifically asking for Instagram photos). He went on to say that they were working with a 'skeleton crew' and needed help. Wait a minute! You have a week's notice and an exact path the storm will take and it's not 'all hands on deck' at TIME? Either he was not truthful about the inadequate staffing at the magazine, or they have cut the budgets so badly (thanks to free content) that they can no longer hire world-class photographers and editors to fill their pages with world-class content. Until readers stop giving up their 'good enough' photos for free, and editors stop using them, I'm afraid it's going to be nothing but a long downhill slope for us photojournalists. Chalk one more up for the 'dumbing down' of our society.
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You are confusing me - JAMES - with ANONYMOUS. I'm the one supporting the teachers! 'Posted by' appears under the post - not above it.
Anonymous, (too bad you don't have the courage to list your real name). My question to you is, would you take a pay cut in your current job just because the company has mismanaged it's business and no longer can afford to pay your salary? Would you be willing to work for less but do more? I highly doubt your job is as important as those (teachers) who are forming the minds of the next leaders of our country. Teachers are educating the people who will take care of you and protect you when you are old...those who will carry out - and make possible the American Dream for future generations! If you were a true Patriot, you would see that teachers are some of the most patriotic people in the USA! Besides, as HppyGoLucky said, they don't make that much. I would venture to say, they make less than you! Give them a break. They work hard for what little they have and most of all, they care about the future of the USA!
To the previous comment: What does it matter? This district has awesome educational possibilities for our children - the next leaders and torch-carriers of our democracy. We should not even question the amount of money we pay people that teach them how to learn, be good citizens and help preserve the American Dream for all of us! Stop listening to the rhetoric of the national news shows and sound bites from those sources who only wish to dismantle democracy and prosperity for all of us - not just the rich!
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Mar 10, 2011