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I think, and I could be wrong here (because I don't love driving the way you do) that the two can live in harmony. Here's why: When you are driving for the sake of driving, you are immersed and your focus is on what your body and mind must do to derive maximum connection to the road and car. While you may be driving fast and aggressively, you are probably at your safest, because you are singularly focused on the act. I would posit that 80% or more of passenger vehicle drivers are NOT in that state. Rather, they're distracted by work, children, relationships, etc. In other words, they're mostly on autopilot -- until there's a problem. If we could take that 80% of drivers and put them in self-driving cars, while allowing you the freedom to take open up your [sexy car of choice] while fully engaged in the act, wouldn't that be the optimal thing? xx F
Toggle Commented Jul 27, 2015 on Self-Driving Cars at heathervescent
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Jul 26, 2015