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Thanks for the mention! I can now relax and just read yours! xoxo, Olivia
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There is major ignorance of the Native Americans and that is so sad. For someone who lives on what was once major Native American territory, I do feel some guilt but I try to live as respectful to the land as possible. I don't understand why there isn't more proper recognition. They aren't exactly getting money/funding from the government. They have been forgotten. What I would have loved is for MAC to donate what they make from this collection to the Native Americans so these true natives of America can live with honor on a land that was once ALL theirs.
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I was about to say how the vanity would look great with the Artis brush, perfect partnership. However, I read your Spring Haul first and like you said, nothing would fit on it. Although, I do hope and wish for a minimalist approach to makeup, I know that is just a dream!
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Apr 16, 2016