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Yay! I'm so happy for you!!
Toggle Commented Jan 11, 2013 on Coming Soon... at Kiss My Tulle
Good stuff! I'd also recommend an immersion blender and one of those little 2 cup electric choppers; both are really good for beginning cooks, especially if you've got a small kitchen.
Oh wow, I love the berry baskets for the salad! And everything else! Such a beautiful day, and such great pics, too :)
Nothing beats a good welcome bag. Love those labels, so cute!
Already looks like a great time! Can't wait for the wedding photos!! Wish I was there :)
That sure is how you rock a cardigan! BTW, love that you went cake-free, I'm a pie fan, too.
So cute! I love the way you used the t-shirt appliqués, such a cool way to give them new life. And seriously, Cris, I had no idea you could sew like that! Can you hem these pants? Just kidding, I'm not wearing pants.
Oh, that painted canvas is hilarious! Looks exactly like how I'd do it. A word of advice for anyone doing this DIY: STEAM! Ribbon loves it :)
LOVE the halter dress, how beautiful!
Hip waders, duh.
These are all great ideas. I especially like the restaurant gift card idea, that's clever!
Another vote for the fishing idea (rowboat! yes!)
Started to panic a little when I didn't see "The Humpty Dance" right away. Phew, it's on there! That's one for the ages.
Trying to picture fitting all that glassware in the cabinets of my first apartment is making my hair stand on end! I think you could safely halve (or quarter) that list if you'll be newly wed in an apartment. Also, Rogue Bride needs to invite me over for drinks.
Favors are never, ever required. That said, those gingham-topped jars are so cute! :)
This is such a sticky issue that I struggle with too. I recently had to untag facebook photos of me and my son that were taken at my grandfather's funeral. I mean, really, it's bad enough they took pictures, but posting them on facebook and tagging everybody? WTF, why?!? And, all I could do was untag them. They're out there still, I have no control over who sees them. It just feels so utterly bizarre that someone as low-profile as me has to deal with "paparazzi" in my life. So Reader & Ranty Bride, I feel your pain. I hope our generation comes up with a good way to deal with this uncomfortable new reality, for the sake of our own dignity and our childrens'.
These are gorgeous! Love the flowers.
Toggle Commented Jan 31, 2012 on Sweets for your Sweet at Such Pretty Things
Great suggestions! The value of a good couch can't be overstated.
2012 is my 34th year too and I'm so going to steal this idea! By the way, before I zoomed in I thought #10 said "add a pinch of intrigue to the house". You should do that, too!
Toggle Commented Jan 13, 2012 on 34 in 34: 34 Goals In My 34th year at Kiss My Tulle
Hot damn, look at you! Congratulations :)
Cris, the obituary is beautiful. Thank you for sharing the story of his adventurous & fruitful life with us.
Toggle Commented Dec 14, 2011 on Wedding Wednesday: Reflection at Kiss My Tulle
I am the cousin that leads the drunken glass clinking. I am not doing it for attention, I'm doing it to make you KIISSSSSSS! I cannot be swayed.
May is the perfect month for a California wedding and that ceremony venue looks wonderful! And by the way, can I just say I'm awestruck by that engagement ring? I've never seen a Mickey ring before, that's gorgeous! Looking forward to hearing more about your plans, Mindy :)
That is a GORGEOUS dress! Congrats, you're kicking ass :)
Since she's saying "might like to add", I think she's just listing possible things she could do, not necessarily "must haves". So, if I were you I'd reply and say "I'd love it if you brought X dish, thanks!" In that case, even if I'm wrong and she does want to do everything, at least you've already told her you only want a specific thing or two.