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While I agree with most of what is said, I can't "quite" agree with everything. :-) I am someone who daily fights against BSL and for "hearts and minds" and feel education is key. I cannot just sit by while others promote myths, lies and fear-monger. I show, promote and say "I am NO different and neither is my pet", thus I demand equality. While I always believed and stood up for other people to have equal rights, since the current "Liberal" party came to power, I never "personally" had to fight for mine before. I will not go "silently into the night" but agree, what IS said is important, which IS the reason for this blog to begin with.
Toggle Commented Mar 25, 2013 on KEEP YOUR BELIEFS, JUST GIVE ME THE FACTS at Caveat
I am confident the numbers shown here are somewhat representative of large cities in Ontario also. When the Liberals voted in Ontario's ban they insured REAL difficulty in gathering information (by ignoring what experts suggested on documentation of dog bites). Thus insuring results from lousy legislaton "almost" impossible to track.
Sounds like Austin has some pretty good people working doing due dilligence. One thing about Lynne, she sure can spew allot of BS. Nice to see her get her hand caught in the cookie jar.
Dalton don't care. Why? HIS family dog has long hair therefore safe from the discrimination, profiling and stereotyping legislated by him and puppets.
Toggle Commented Aug 20, 2012 on PSST! WANNA BUY A "PIT BULL" (BAN)? at Caveat
Thanks Brent for putting this analysis together. A great take on the nights sad events.
A good day indeed! Thanks to ALL those involved in this process including the lawmakers who listened to experts and brave enough to vote on facts rather than fiction and myth. Ontario! You ARE indeed next.
Toggle Commented Feb 2, 2012 on A good day for the pit bulls at KC DOG BLOG
A TRI-Bill. Heaven for those of us in OnSCARIO who have to endure darconian laws. There is much hope based on this new bill going forth and more importantly thousands and thousands of citizens who will continue to fight for equal rights again in Ontario. Keep tuned in Brett, as there will be no white flags on OUR doors.
Who would have thought we would see this kind of diecrimination and profiling in Ontario? At it's core this legislation shows the real mentality behind this current "Liberal" party. This horrific legislation has indeed effected all ages, cultures, professions, races and sexes. Run free at the Rainbow Bridge Rocky and don't worry about your Mom. We'll watch over her as we continue to attend the walks, the rallies and the protests. WE will take care of her for you sweetheart. Promise.
Toggle Commented Aug 14, 2011 on HAPPY TRAILS, ROCKY at Caveat
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Nov 26, 2009