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The assumption is till being made that the science of global warming is sound. Well not according to Russian NASA scientists who say the Little Ice Age is happening and will last another 200 years. So much for global warming Met Office. FIND EVIDENCE HERE Don't forget to leave your lights on and sign our petition to repeal the Climate Change Act
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The environmentalist movement is shrinking - only a few cranks and reactionaries are left. At the recent “National Climate March” there were only 250 activists - so climate never became a mass movement even though the sock puppet NGOs had millions £££ of our cash to spend via EU grants on all manner of propaganda stunts. Not these useless green cranks use trivial and manageable risks in an attempt to stop a technology which can actually have a major benefit on reducing fuel poverty, increasing energy security and CO2 emissions with a shift from coal to gas. Mark Lynas in fact pointed out that: “the UK the company Cuadrilla, which wants to drill in the Lancashire shale, uses only sand, water, a benign chemical called polyacrylamide (at 0.04% concentration) and trace amounts of salt. The fracking takes place 3km below the surface water table, and disposal of the resulting flowback water is strictly regulated by the Environment Agency.” So I really don’t see a problem. BTW You might like to sign my petition for repeal of the CCA here
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Support for climate change and green policies were the biggest error. There is no mass support for green, environmentalism or David Cameron. We will see the 5.5million in fuel poverty increase to 12million with the introduction of the carbon (co2) floor price - not a vote winner. We really need to start discussing who will be our next leader, because Cameron has failed on the big issues. Any thoughts? BTW you can sign our petition to Repeal the Climate Change Act here
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Jul 17, 2011