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Charles - Don't sweat the snobs. They envy your freedom. (In fact, I'm thinking right now of that cry from the movie Braveheart: "FRREEEEEE-DOM!") And as an insider, I can tell you that BigLaw may be big, but you're absolutely right that that doesn't necessarily imply that it's good. Because it's not. I've seen too much.
Toggle Commented Nov 6, 2009 on Do Not Mind The Law Snobs at Chuck Newton
Excellent, Chuck. I do this same type of work but don't specialize in this one area. Would definitely like to do more of it, though. (And I'll stay outta Baja Oklahoma, too!) ;^) Ben Callicoat
Chuck - nice post, covered some topics that are in the forefront of my thoughts this weekend. About three months or so ago I launched my bankruptcy blog - aimed at the lay person who is looking for information about filing bankruptcy, or who needs defense of foreclosure or other creditor/indebtedness defense. I'm beginning to get calls -- I've noticed an uptick in the last month or so -- but I really know nothing about SEO. Very interested in this whole topic as I've been mulling over how to approach other attorneys who know me. (Typical conversation with opposing counsel: Them: "Oh, you do consumer bankruptcy? Great, I've been looking for someone to refer these cases to.) Like you, I want to expand my practice to focus on the stay and FDCPA litigation areas. Think I'm going to target some of my fellow attorneys with a targeted letter/email campaign (individually focused.) Your thoughts? Ben Callicoat