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The Gathering Voices Team invites the authors our downloadable study program to write blog posts related to their study topic. Our hope is that this will help participants dig even deeper into the study topic.
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A Gathering Voices post by Debra J. Mumford If the goal of Obamacare is to provide access to healthcare for all U.S. citizens, then it has utterly failed. After the initial enrollment period, millions are still without healthcare insurance. 4.8 million people do not have health insurance because their states... Continue reading
Homosexuality and the Bible By Susan R. Garrett I serve as a volunteer judge for high school debate tournaments. In a great Lincoln-Douglas style debate, each side identifies its value premises, presents and defends its case, and hears and engages the opponent’s case. But especially with first-year debaters, it often... Continue reading
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Jan 5, 2011